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Keeping Your Child’s Backpack Comfortable

Oct 6

Keeping Your Child’s Backpack Comfortable

Now that your little one spends his or her days in school, they’re probably getting used to hauling more and more school supplies and books between home and school. It might seem like the backpacks are too heavy for your children, and sometimes that may be the case. Here are a few pointers to keep your children safe and comfortable while wearing their backpack.

Choose a backpack with wide, cushioned, comfortable straps. Make sure your child is using both of the straps when he or she carries the bag. Otherwise one shoulder may end up supporting most of the weight and causing a problem.

Adjust the backpack to your child’s height. If the bag is heavy and hangs too low, it may pull on your child’s shoulders and back and cause straining.

Do not overload the backpack. Generally, you don’t want your child carrying more than 10 percent of his or her body weight. Fill your child’s bag with the necessary items and then weigh the bag. If it’s still too heavy, you may want to switch to a roller bag your child can pull.

Talk with a doctor if your child complains about back or shoulder pain. Typically, your child should not be feeling this type of achy body pain, so if he or she complains about it, a heavy backpack may be the issue. Your doctor may be able to recommend some stretching or strengthening exercises.

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