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Biology Tutors

Our Biology Tutoring Programs

SchoolTutoring Academy’s offers Biology tutoring for students in grades 9-12 and AP-level classes with one-on-one instruction in various areas and topics in Biology.

Find out how to get started with a Biology tutor from SchoolTutoring Academy.

Biology Tutoring Program Details

SchoolTutoring Academy’s Biology tutors put an emphasis on teaching the fundamentals of Biology using observations from everyday life and illustrative reference materials. Our program includes lesson plans that cover:

  • Basic Concepts
    Topics covered include: Chemical Basis of Life; Biologically Significant Molecules; Energy and the Living Cell; Cell Membranes; Cells and Energy
  • Photosynthesis
    Topics covered include: Light Independent and Light Dependent Reactions; Study of Plants; Principles of Homeostasis; The Nervous System and its Role in Homeostasis; The Endocrine Systems; Behavioral Homeostasis;
  • Genetics
    Topics covered include: Meiosis and Sexual Life Cycles; Mendelian Genetics; Molecular Aspects of Genes; DNA
  • Evolution
    Topics covered include: Organic Evolution; Theory of Evolution; Natural Selection; The Origin of Species; Biological Diversity; Plant and Animal Diversity
  • Animal Behavior
    Topics covered include: Ecology; Ecology and Biosphere

Our Approach Builds Confidence

Our Biology tutors will expertly guide students through the process so that students gain confidence in being able to tackle similar problems on their own. At SchoolTutoring Academy, we find that when students understand how Biology applies in their lives, they learn to appreciate and often begin to enjoy looking for patterns, recognizing connections and reasoning logically to come up with solutions.

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“I’m excited about sharing my passion for biology and the natural sciences with my students. I also enjoy sharing stories from my previous role within a university lab to enhance my lessons.”

Jordan T. – Chemistry and Biology Tutor

Meet our Tutors

Meet Some of Our Biology Tutors

University of California, San DiegoDouble major in Biology and Spanish Literature
“I am committed to student choice and student voice in their own learning.”
Wake Forest UniversityPhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
“My teaching philosophy starts with my belief that everyone can learn and I am a catalyst for learning.”
Saint Peter’s UniversityBiology
“I believe that everyone can succeed in life if he receives the right education regardless of their background.”
Columbia UniversityBiology
“Everyone has the potential to learn and everyone has different ways of learning.”
James F. – Science Tutor – Boyceville, WI
University of Wisconsin – MadisonConservation Biology
“My objective as an educator is to maximize each student’s potential by making them more independent learners.”
Melissa M. – Math/Science Tutor – Denver, CO
University of AlabamaB.S. in Biology
“I have a firm belief that all students have the ability to learn any topic, even topics often considered more difficult like biology and math.”

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