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Michelle O

Certified Calculus and Algebra Tutor

The College of Wooster (Wooster, Ohio)

Major: Linguistics and Language Learning (French, German, and Russian languages)

Minor: Mathematics

About Me


I provide high school tutoring in the following areas: - Math up to and including Calculus - English grammar, vocabulary, and reading - French grammar, vocabulary, and phonetics - SAT English and Math

Educational Philosophy

I believe that anyone can learn a new subject if they are committed to it and have the right resources. A teacher who is responsive to the student's needs is often the most important element in sifting through the information and answering questions as they come up, but it is just as important that the student be engaged in the process and ready to learn. That is why I enjoy tutoring more than classroom teaching: I can focus on the information the students really need to know and interact with them on a more individual level. My goal is for all of my students to have the confidence to tackle new problems without being scared away by unfamiliar words or formulas.

Educational Background

I have an undergraduate degree at The College of Wooster (Wooster, Ohio) with a B.A. received May 2009. My major was Linguistics and Language Learning (French, German, and Russian languages) and my Minor was in Mathematics.

Teaching Experience

I am a tutor in math, English, French, and SAT Prep at SchoolTutoring Academy. In the rest of my life, I am an Americorps Service Member for the Improving Health Throughout Indiana program, and I am taking courses at Indiana University to prepare for graduate school.

Extracurricular Activities

In my free time, I love to cook, hike, bike, read, write, travel, and sing. Current projects include learning to play the baritone ukulele and reading The Moral Animal by Robert Wright and Kinderseele by Herman Hesse. I like to cook all kinds of soup and vegetable curry or stir-fry. And also bake cookies from time to time. I have traveled all around the world. One of my best travel adventures was getting to participate in Russia's National Ski Day - it was really cold, but an amazing experience to ski with so many people in this fun annual event.