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The SchoolTutoring Academy offers individualized tutoring programs for Pre-K and Kindergarten students to help them build a strong academic foundation and gain confidence in their abilities.

Pre-K and Kindergarten Tutors

Tutoring Programs That Instill a Love of Reading

The SchoolTutoring Academy’s Pre-K and Kindergarten tutoring programs help to cultivate a love of learning and reading using a personalized learning plan, fun storybooks, certified SchoolTutoring Academy tutors, and programs consistent with guidelines established by the National Institute for Literacy and International Reading Association.

A Pre-K or Kindergarten tutor can put your child on the path to success. Call SchoolTutoring Academy’s Academic Directors at 1-877-545-7737 to learn more about how we work.

Our Approach Builds Confidence

At SchoolTutoring Academy, we find that when students understand how educational concepts apply to their daily lives, they learn to appreciate and often begin to enjoy thinking through problems, looking for patterns, and reasoning logically to come up with solutions. Our tutors will expertly guide young learners through the process so that they gain confidence in being able to tackle similar problems on their own.

Our Tutoring Program Includes:

  • Reading Exercises: To build the basics of phonics, vocabulary and phonemic awareness.
  • Educational Games: To introduce problem solving concepts through fun and interactive games.
  • Math and Number Skills: To instill curiosity with numbers, puzzles and shapes.

And as your child progresses, SchoolTutoring Academy can also offer elementary school tutors to help him or her continue to build their core skills in math and reading.

Discuss Your Child’s Learning Needs with a Specialist Teacher

If you’d like additional advice and insights, call our Academic Directors at 1-877-545-7737 to discuss your child’s strengths and challenges and learn more about our Pre-K and Kindergarten tutoring.

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Testimonials and Case Studies from Our Parents

SchoolTutoring Academy regularly receives letters and emails from parents about their experience with our programs. Have a great story or anecdote about your experience with any of SchoolTutoring Academy’s programs? We want to hear about it!

  • “Gabi and Daniel have made a recognizable contribution to my son’s day-to-day learning”
    — Deborah M., Toronto, ON
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  • “Alison succeeded in reversing the downward trend in her performance.”
    – Marjory H., Coral Springs, FL
    Read Full Testimonial…
  • “Effective learning happens when students can learn without being embarrassed about their current proficiency.”
    – Inge M., Vancouver, B.C.
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Meet Some of Our Pre-K and Kindergarten Tutors

McGill UniversityKindergarten and Elementary Education
“I believe that every person can succeed with the proper care and attention.”
Miami UniversityEarly Childhood Education & Creative Writing
“I believe that every person learns in a way that is unique to them, and the teacher should incorporate many different ways of learning in their lessons and classrooms.”
University of MemphisEarly Childhood Education and Development
“I believe every child can learn but not all children learn the same way.”
University of FloridaEnglish
“It is the job of teachers and tutors to tap into each student’s strengths and passions in order help them reach their full potential.”
University College Dublin (M.A.)Philosophy and Literature
“My students can expect me to be enthusiastic in the classroom and ready to answer any questions they might have about the material covered.”
Ashford UniversitySocial Sciences
“Every child learns differently, so teachers should be adaptable to their students’ various styles of learning.”

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