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Understanding the NECAP

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Vermont students take a variety of tests during their school years. Teachers develop all forms of assessments – they use portfolios for authentic assessments, norm-referenced tests for ranking purposes, locally developed assessments for local proficiencies and standardized tests that are required by law.

The New England Common Assessment Program (NECAP) was designed in partnership with Rhode Island, New Hampshire and most recently Maine, to serve as the required assessment program as mandated by the No Child Left Behind Act. The assessments are aligned to the Grade Level/Grade Span Expectations (GLE’s/GSE’s) that provide a curricular framework for teaching and learning. The learning objectives in the GLE’s/GSE’s serve as the benchmarks for the NECAP assessment.

Format of the CAS and NECAP

The NECAP Assessment in Reading and Mathematics for students in grades 3 and 4 has a multiple-choice and constructed-response format exam. The NECAP in Reading and Mathematics for grades 5-8 has multiple-choice, constructed-response and written answers expected. The Science Assessment given to 5th and 8th graders asks questions in multiple-choice and constructed-response styles.

The high school level NECAP in Reading, Writing and Mathematics asks questions in multiple-choice and constructed-response formats. The Writing Assessment asks students to provide a full essay response. The Science Assessment asks only multiple-choice and constructed response questions.

Taking the CAS and NECAP

Assessments in Vermont are aligned to the learning plan laid out in the Vermont Frameworks. All teaching and learning is encompassed by the frameworks, and the planning and preparation for any assessment is served by understanding what is expected for students.

The areas where learning skills are developed for are: Communication, Reasoning & Problem Solving, Personal Development, Civic and Social Responsibility, Arts, Language and Literature, History and Society Sciences, and Science Mathematics, and Technology.