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Personalized Learning Plans Designed for Each Student

SchoolTutoring Academy’s Academic Directors work with each student to develop a personalized learning plan for their individual academic needs. Diagnostic tests can guide the Academic Director to prepare a tutoring program that takes into account the areas of study needing special review and emphasis.

Through the use of skills-building lessons, practice questions, and coaching on successful strategies, both students and parents can feel confident in our comprehensive tutoring program.

Highly-Qualified and Engaging Teachers Who Love to Teach

We are staffed with energetic tutors with a chosen career in education and individualized instruction. Our professional tutors are engaged in private one-on-one tutoring sessions, lesson planning, and regular professional development.

Our hiring and selection process is more competitive than the Ivy League; less than 2% of applicants are chosen.

Our Three-Step Approach Ensures a Comprehensive Learning Solution

SchoolTutoring Academy’s three-step approach offers a comprehensive learning solution.

  • ➪ First, we perform a FREE ACADEMIC ASSESSMENT to pinpoint areas of strength and places for opportunity
  • ➪ Next, we develop a personalized plan guided by individual learning styles, goals, and personality.
  • ➪ Finally, as your tutoring progresses through the plan, we continually evaluate and adjust the learning plan.
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