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Science Tutors Available

SchoolTutoring Academy offers Science tutoring across all cities in the U.S and Canada. Please call us at 1-877-545-7737 to schedule tutoring with any of our available Science tutors.


Adam H. – Science Tutor – Asheville, NC

“My job is to prepare students to be objective and critical of information in the media and their communities and to become self-reliant members of society.”

Akousa A. – Science Tutor – Brampton, ON
“I have worked as a teacher for the past three years, aiding high school and university students to succeed in their courses as well as helping high school students form plans for their post-secondary years.”

Alex D. – Math/Science Tutor – Niagara Falls, NY

“I feel schooling, but in particular the more general idea of education, to be vastly important to one’s future. Not only does education determine a student’s financial future, but it also determines the happiness of the person. Finding something that you are interested in is the primary goal in life.”

Alex S. – Science/Math Tutor – Leamington, ON

“Throughout the entirety of my education and for the past five years, I’ve been working with students to help them excel. Working with students in math, physics, chemistry, as well as on the SAT and ACT material, I’ve found that students learn best when fully engaged in the process.”

Amy M. – English/Science/Geography Tutor – Baxter, MN
“It has always been my goal to make a difference in the life of a child. I want to teach them to the best of my abilities. I strive to train them to be all that they can be.”


Bethany R. – Math/English/Science Tutor – Fort Collins, CO

“I believe that all education should be driven by a love of learning. It’s not just the grade, but rather enjoying the material for the sake of learning.”


Catherine A. – Math Tutor – Dallas, TX

“My goal is to help each individual to the best of my abilities and adapt my teaching skills when needed. Due to my calm demeanor and willingness to go the extra mile to help, I am positive we will accomplish the task at hand.”

Christine H. – English/Math/Science Tutor – Kamloops, BC
“I believe that all children have the right to be successful in their education. As an educator I see myself acting as a guide for my students.”

Christopher B. – Math/English/History & Social Studies/Science Tutor – Abilene, TX
“Students have different learning styles and needs, so each student needs the right amount of guidance and help from their teacher.”


Darla K. – English/Math/Science Tutor – Waseca, MN

“I want students to experience the freedom that allows for expression (and creativity) within the parameters set forth within the classroom / school community. I also feel it is beneficial for students to sometimes work for an answer than “being told,” because it stretches their knowledge.”

Davis H. – Science Tutor – Greenville, SC

“I have been involved in education in a variety of ways for many years. Most recently I was a “teaching artist” in my local school district, a program which consisted of integrating an art form (music, in my case) into the curriculum standards of the class, working with the teacher on lesson plans.”


Edmond P. – Math/Science Tutor – Toronto, ON

“I have found that students learn best when they are prepared for the session, and eager to learn. My primary purpose in each tutoring session is to engage the student to help them learn in the most productive way possible.”


Fateh A. – Math/Science/History & Social Studies Tutor – College Station, TX

“Education is what defines us, and education is what makes us different from each other. It is education that empowers us and makes us what we are today.”

Felicia K. – Math/English Tutor – Binghamton, NY
“I believe that every student has a specific learning style that works for him/her and it is the role of the teacher to help each student succeed. It is important to have a good foundation in your subject in order to understand more difficult concepts later on.”


Gabriel O. – Math/Science Tutor – Corpus Christi, TX

“I like to think outside the box and provide students the best and personalized method for them to learn. I will always strive to find a way to teach the material.”

Gregory L. – Math/English/Science Tutor – Swedesboro, NJ
“My personal goal for my future classroom is to challenge students and watch them grow to their full potential. I want to take students at different levels and see them develop together for the betterment of each individual.”


Hanna B. – Science Tutor – Hamilton, ON

“My educational philosophy is that each student has their own strengths and weaknesses. In order to improve in an area of difficulty, that student must use their strengths to see a positive difference.”

Heidi S. – English/ESL/Science Tutor – Bellingham, WA
“Education not only provides us with the rudimentary skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in life, it is also an invigorating chance to explore our minds, discover our deepest passions, and find out how we can use our minds and passions to meet a need and better our world.”


Jacqueline S. – English Tutor – Los Angeles, CA

“Every child can achieve progress and can achieve success if they have the proper tools and have the opportunity to have access to someone who understands them and the way they learn.”

James W. – Math/English/Study Skills/Elementary Tutor – Nyack, NY
“I have a firm belief that all students can learn.  It is incumbent upon the educator to have a firm grasp on the strengths and needs of her/his students.”

Jaynie W. – Math Tutor – Vancouver, WA

“I want my students to experience meaningful, interesting learning that applies to their lives. I believe this can be accomplished through the use of hands-on, mind and body activities, cooperative learning and integrated curriculum.”

Jonathan Q – Math/Science Tutor – West Jordan, UT
“My job is to help students help themselves. I pose questions that allow the student to explain their learning so that I can clarify any confusion.”

Jorge P. – Science Tutor – Alamo, TX
“Learner-centered education is the best way for students to obtain the greatest benefits of education and have the best academic experience possible.”

Jose J. – Math/Science Tutor – Modesto, CA
“When it comes to learning everyone is different. Therefore, teaching can also be customized to the needs of the individual. Although it does not need to be hard, education should not be taken lightly. With the right amount of discipline, hard work, and motivation anyone can reach or surpass their educational goals.”

Joy C. – Science Tutor – Manteca, CA

“My educational philosophy is to have an approach built upon academic standards where a curriculum is developed and keeping the commitment to a creative, innovative, and child- centered education.”

Judith N. – Science Tutor – Niceville, FL
“I believe that everything has a teachable moment. All students have questions and I believe that these should be answered cogently and appropriately. I believe that students should be treated with respect and that they should be empowered to not be afraid of learning.”


Kali S. – English/Math/Science Tutor (K-5) – Wilmington, NC

“I believe that each child can learn and with the correct guidance and help students can reach their full potential.  Education is something that we sometimes take for granted and is something that we should learn to appreciate more and take advantage of the opportunities we are given.”

Kariel S. – Math/Science Tutor – Albany, NY
“I believe that education is the most important thing to children of all ages. While some children are unable to learn in a large learning environment (i.e. a classroom full of other students) it is important that those children still gain the knowledge that their peers earn, which is where a tutor comes into play.”

Karin G. – Elementary, Special Education Tutor – Medford, NY
“Regardless of the differences in the way students learn, patience and creativity can go a long way in reaching and teaching them. All progress is progress, no matter how small it may seem, and should be celebrated and built upon.”

Keeley M. – Science Tutor – Edmonton, AB

“As authority figures, teachers must guide the student with their knowledge, but must also be open to learning from the students. Every experience can be one of learning.”

Kellynd G. – English, Math & Science Tutor – Wrentham, MA
“Because each student is a unique individual with varying degrees of background knowledge and support, I scaffold lessons and differentiate instruction in order to meet the needs of each and every student. My ultimate goal is to ensure that every child has the opportunity to improve and achieve success.”

Kimberly L. – Math/Science/English Tutor – Bellingham, WA

“I believe each child can learn. A teacher needs to be able to reach the child and teach them by how they learn. A child will show or tell you how they learn best. Just watch and listen.”


Laura B. – K-6 English/Math/Science Tutor – Marcellus, NY

“Students learn best by doing and when teachers take on the role of a facilitator they are able to guide students through the learning process by scaffolding student learning.”

Lauren M. – Science Tutor – Venice, FL
“I believe that every child is a unique individual possessing different qualities, learning styles, and abilities. Every child has the right to a secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere that will meet their individual needs and personality.”

Leeran M. – Science Tutor – Waterloo, ON

“My philosophy is that any student has the ability to succeed in any subject. I believe that with the right tools and support any child can strive and achieve their goals.”

Leigh-Anna P. – Science Tutor – Edmonton, AB

“I believe that education is the key to a successful future. Anyone, with the right education, is able to rise above any obstacles that may stand in their way so they may do something great.”

Lori C. – English/Math/Science Tutor – Edmonton, AB

“I use a variety of techniques, skills and methods of teaching to provide a broad learning spectrum for literacy of language and mathematical concepts in order to help enrich the lives of people. In the end, I try to tailor my instruction to fit the person and provide as much understanding and learning as possible.”


Marcus K. – Science Tutor – Yakima, WA

“I believe that working with a students’ strengths and interests that other areas can be developed. I have tutored earlier in my career and enjoy the immediate satisfaction of the learner which they discover through their own efforts and insights.”

Mary S. – English/Math/Science/History & Social Studies Tutor – Stroudsburg, PA
“I believe that children learn through doing. They need hands-on experiences to involve them in their learning.”

Megna G. – Math/Science Tutor – State College, PA
“Learning is the way to live life. I believe one can attain knowledge more when it is shared. I believe every child has the capacity to master their learning.”


Nancy S. – Science Tutor – Jacksonville, FL

“I believe that all children learn in different ways and as educators it is our responsibility to find out what works best for your child. While students need to build stamina we cannot lose touch with the fact that they are children whose minds will wander and have an innate urge to learn how the world around them works and where they fit in.”

Natasha W. – Science Tutor – Atlanta, GA

“I believe that each student is an individual with unique strengths and abilities. I try to discover these natural talents and tailor my tutoring so that each student learns in such a way as to play to their individual strengths.”


Rachel R. – Math/Science/English Tutor – Groton, CT

“Every child needs a structured, safe, and caring environment in which to learn to reach his/her fullest potential. I provide this environment by building a positive relationship and being prepared and organized for every lesson. It is also important to provide opportunities for learning through self-discovery rather than being the primary source of information. Creating this environment is key to being an effective teacher.”

Robbi N. – Science Tutor – Nashville, TN

“I believe education is the key to freedom. I believe that every living being is entitled to an education. Although we all learn differently, we all learn.”

Russell W. – Math/Science/English Tutor – Richland, WA

“I believe that working with a students’ strengths and interests that other areas can be developed. I have tutored earlier in my career and enjoy the immediate satisfaction of the learner which they discover through their own efforts and insights.”

Ryan Z. – Science Tutor – Kill Devil Hills, NC
“The most predictive quality of a student’s success is self-motivation. Therefore, a teacher ought to promote students’ self-esteem and foster their curiosity.”


Scott C. – History & Social Studies/English/Science Tutor – Greenville, NC

“I believe that every student can achieve what they want if they work hard enough. The best teachers are those who use a variety of methods to reach their students.”

Sanduni W. – Science Tutor – London, ON
“Truth can liberate us. I believe that education allows us to explore the nature of our society and the complex relationships that govern it.”

Shad S. – Science/Math Tutor – Pueblo, CO
“As a science educator, I believe in an interactive approach to education. I believe in utilizing real world examples that help make the information come alive.”


Tara W. – Science/English/Math/History & Social Studies Tutor – South Boardman, MI

“Every child has a unique way of learning, and it is the educator’s responsibility to discover the child’s best method of learning the material under study.”

Teressa M. – Science/Math/English Tutor – Red Deer, AB
“Learning comes to students more easily when the teacher can engage them and trigger interest in the subject being taught.”

Tonia S. – English, Math, Social Studies & Science Tutor – Prattville, AL
“I believe that children/students learn by example. As an educator and mother I am a firm believer a child potential is more than they expect. Each child is unique and has their own style of learning. It is my goal to find that style with in the student and help them grow from it.”

Troy L. – English/Math/Science Tutor – Marquette, MI
“Receiving a quality education is both rigorous and entertaining, challenging yet fun. We should all never stop learning, and should share that which we know with others.”


Veronica V. – Science/English/ESL Tutor – Scranton, PA

“I see all subjects as integral to making a well-rounded person. I believe all subjects are accessible, if explained well and with great supporting materials.”

Vicki B. – English/Math/Science Tutor – Lubbock, TX
“I believe that each and every child can be taught. The future of each child depends on the knowledge they acquire in school beginning in the elementary grades.”


Walter M. – English/Math/Science Tutor – Sterling, CT

“I expect my students to be adults, to act and work like adults. If not, then I show them how. I tell my students that I believe everyone wants to be their best, so I tell them they start at 100/A and work their way down. If at all. I encourage their creativity in all fields while demanding they know the facts. I support, encourage, and look for the positive.”

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