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Aliquippa, Pennsylvania Tutoring Programs

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Aliquippa District and Curriculum

The Aliquippa School District is a small district that closely follows Pennsylvania Core State Standards in developing its curriculum. Overarching concepts are tied to specific content and testable standards which can be placed in a sequence that grows with children as they learn. In Aliquippa Senior High School, students are required to take specified courseloads in Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies, as well as electives, and complete a capstone project before graduating from high school.

We currently cover the following Aliquippa-area school district: Aliquippa School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Aliquippa District Curriculum

Focusing on literacy, reading comprehension in Grades 3 to 5 involves being able to distinguish between fiction and nonfiction, and to be able to tell the difference between facts and opinions. By middle school, in order for students to be successful in reading comprehension, they should be able to discern the components of fiction, and the components of nonfiction. They are expected to be able to interpret the main points the author makes to argue their position, as well as knowing the difference between facts and opinions.

Successful students become skilled at reading and comprehending fiction, nonfiction, drama, and poetry from a wide variety of sources. They are able to analyze and draw conclusions from the material they read. In addition, students should be able to synthesize the results into a completely new product of their own, such as a paper or story of their own. Development of an appropriate academic vocabulary aids students to achieve those goals of reading comprehension and writing.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Aliquippa Educational News

  • Math Education... on the Radio - An Aliquippa High School math teacher has an unusual assignment. Once a week, she presents a math problem on a Pittsburgh radio show for listeners to solve. It is a very popular feature and a different way to use math in the morning.
  • Students View Exhibits about Black History - Students from Aliquippa junior and senior high schools had the opportunity to talk to local people and view exhibits about the local connections to Black history. They were able to see the contributions that famous people had made, as well as local people, including the first black mayor, meet a long time postal worker, and judges who led the fight for equality. It was a good way for local students to experience what they read in the history books.
  • Band Classes Host Noted Timpani Player - Musicians in bands and orchestras at Aliquippa junior and senior high schools were part of a rare class taught by a symphony musician who demonstrated the drama of classical music. They were able to learn more about classical music and the experience of playing in a great orchestra that has toured all around the world. The band director made the workshop possible for his students and other teachers in the area.

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Chalk Talk: Critical Reading In and Out of School

Skilled reading is valuable for people outside school, as well as for students while they are still in school. Employers require that employees be able to read instruction manuals in the workplace and use training manuals to move forward, in all different types of jobs and careers. In daily life, people read for information and pleasure, whether catching up on the daily news and sports through newspapers, or reading the latest magazines. Critical reading of these sources involves asking questions, clarifying assumptions and connecting the material to other sources.