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Arkadelphia District and Curriculum

Arkadelpha Public Schools are comprised of five schools as well as an early childhood center. There are two primary schools; the school with grades PK-1 has been recognized as a National School of Excellence. Arkadelphia High School has also received this honor. In addition to these schools, there is another primary school with grades 2-3, an elementary school with grades 4-5, and a middle school containing grades 6-8. Aside from the National School of Excellence honors, the district has received seven awards between 1923 and 2003. Additionally, several teachers and administrators have received awards over the years.

We currently cover the following Arkadelphia-area school district: Arkadelpha Public Schools.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Arkadelphia District Curriculum

The Common Core Standards provide the framework for learning in Math and Language Arts and similarly structured frameworks detail the learning objectives of other core subjects. The goal is to focus in on major topics within each subject – such as in Math, focusing in on algebra, geometry, and data analysis over the years helps to hone students’ abilities in these areas. Also, by accessing prior knowledge built by students, a higher degree of reflection and analysis is brought to all areas of learning.

Arkadelphia offers 12 AP and 24 Pre-AP courses to challenge the highest achieving students. There are 50 educators certified in this area. The district is rich in technology, with wireless access in each building, SMART and Promethean Boards, a technology organization for students, a distance learning lab at the high school, etc. The district uses the Common Core Standards. To inform parents on what children are learning, it has posted a video explaining the standards and a guide for each grade level.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Arkadelphia Educational News

  • Acts of Kindness - Arkadelphia High School created a “Kindness ties us together” event after being influenced by young Central Primary School students, who wore ties in support of kindness during the Great Kindness Challenge week. A counselor at the primary school explained that this initiative was different than others because it promoted positive acts of kindness instead of focusing on what not to do (i.e. bully others). The week included a variety of activities, such as dressing up in crazy outfits and wearing strange hairdos during “crazy for kindness day.” During the week, the students tried to perform 50 acts of kindness, which included paying compliments to others and reading to younger children.
  • Students Present to School Board - Central Primary students were on hand as Arkansas’s governor declared January as School Board Member Appreciation Month. Students presented projects to the school board, and the third-grade president of the Early Act Citizenship Council gave a rundown of the events the council sponsored throughout the year. Students presented on such topics as Theodore Roosevelt and the Golden Gate Bridge and discussed how they utilized technology by conducting research on iPads.
  • Traffic “CONE-ing” - For the 17th consecutive year, Arkadelphia High School students in the gifted and talented program presented grant funding to nonprofit organizations in the area through the CONE foundation. Not only did the students dole out the checks, they reviewed all the applications and decided how to divide the available funds based on the needs of the organizations. The director of CONE emphasized the valuable life lessons students learn about finances and their community involvement.

Arkadelphia Tutors Can Help Your Student Succeed

SchoolTutoring Academy works with young learners and students, all the way up through high school. We offer Pre-K and Kindergarten Tutoring as well as Elementary School Tutoring to build a strong learning foundation early on. We also offer comprehensive tutoring across all school subjects.

Chalk Talk: English Language Learners: Things to Consider

Educating English Language Learners can be a challenge for classroom teachers, who may only know a few words, if any, of their ELLs’ native language. One important factor is to make sure that they make everything as clear as possible and never assume that ELLs know what they are saying. For example, telling students from another country that there is going to be a “bathroom” break may confuse them, as they associate this with a room in which they take a bath in. Another noteworthy item is that people often have the misconception that ELLs are automatically special education students. This is only the case if this is reflected in their academics in their native language. Oftentimes, these students are extremely knowledgeable about the content, and the only reason they struggle with it is because of the language barrier. Finally, ELLs are often—but not always—required to take state assessments in English. How can we evaluate these students on what they know based on a test in a language that is secondary to them? It is essential to investigate what they know and can do in their native language.

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