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Charles City District and Curriculum

Charles City Community School District is home to four schools and approximately 1,540 students. The district follows Iowa Core Standards which lay out a rigorous and focused series of standards in each subject. The objectives are written broadly so that teachers have flexibility in how they deliver each lesson but at the same time ensure that all students in the state receive the same high quality expectations. Character education and community service are also key elements of the overall curriculum. There are also college and career readiness standards designed to ensure that students have the appropriate critical thinking and analytic skills for their post-secondary pursuits.

We currently cover the following Charles City-area school district: Charles City Community School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Charles City District Curriculum

The elementary schools have recently implemented a new math curriculum that better aligns with the Iowa Core Standards. The new math curriculum will allow students to acquire better mathematical understanding and thinking, develop their problem solving skills, and be more active participants in their learning. The curriculum will be implemented consistently from grade to grade in K-5 and helps make the transition from elementary to middle school math a much smoother one.

The reading strand of the literacy standards focuses on teaching students how to find the key idea and details in a text, understand the craft and structure used by the author, be able to integrate knowledge and ideas, and the ability to increase the complexity level of one’s reading incrementally. The writing standards focus on the purpose and type of texts students might write, the process of writing an essay or story, research and presentation of a piece of work, and the range of writing a student can produce.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Charles City Educational News

  • CCHS Senior Named Semifinalist in National Merit Scholarship Program - A Charles City High senior was one of roughly 16,000 students across the country to be named a semifinalist in the 61st annual National Scholarship Program. She will have the opportunity to complete for one of 7,200 National Merit Scholarships worth a total of $32 million.
  • American Studies Students Campaign for the Right to an Education - This year, Charles City High is offering a new course called Americans Studies, which combines social studies and English classes, that cultivates students’ ability to think on a global level and be aware of what is going on in the world. Students have been campaigning for a Pakistani girl who stood up to a terrorist group in saying she believed both boys and girls had the right to an education and also called out western countries because they do not require students to stay in school through 12th grade.
  • CCHS Looks to Further Open Line of Communication with Parents - Charles City High is attempting to improve communications between high school teachers and parents by hosting a series of open forums focused on improving the high school experience. Various school staff members will give brief presentations on different topics, but the focus will be on discussions and question-and-answer sessions in an open conversation format.

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Chalk Talk: Children’s Literature Spotlight: Life Events

Picture books are a great way to teach students about major life events in a way they can understand. In “The Baby Shower”, written by Eve Bunting, the animals were off to celebrate Ms. Brindle Cow’s baby shower. They were surprised to find, upon arriving, that she already had babies Mike and May. This book primarily shows the joys of having a baby. In “Hannah’s Baby Sister”, Hannah is eagerly awaiting the birth of her baby sister, making all kinds of plans for her. However, she is angry when she finds out that her mother has a boy. When she holds the baby for the first time, however, she loves him right away. In “Lilly’s Big Day”, Lilly desperately wanted to be the flower girl in her teacher Mr. Slinger’s wedding, but he announced that his niece Ginger was going to be his flower girl. To keep Lilly from being too upset, he told her that she could be Ginger’s assistant. Ginger was too nervous to walk down the aisle, so Lilly carried her down the aisle.