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Sunset, Utah is located in the county of Davis and is in the Mountain Daylight Time (UTC -6). The city consists of a population of almost five thousand five hundred people as of July 1st, 2018, with the median age being thirty. This low median is reflective of the large number of young people, such as students, present in the population. In fact, about an astonishing third of the population is made up of people under the age of eighteen.

The average commute time in Sunset, Utah is about twenty three minutes, with driving alone being the most common method of transportation that is used by eighty seven percent of the population. Walking is the least common mode of transportation used by the citizens, which is partly due to the use of carpooling and public transportation and are used by eleven percent of the population.

The male to female ratio in Sunset is well-balanced with the breakdown being 50.4% male and 49.6% female.The housing market in Sunset is on an affordable level, where the median price for housing is $131,500 in a city where the median household income is $47,321.


The schools in Sunset follow a Common Core Curriculum established by a collaboration of educators and community stakeholders seeking to ensure that students receive high quality objectives to guide their education. The Davis School District values the idea of learning coming first to ensure their students’ success in the their continuing education.

The Davis School District operates in accordance to its values of Student Achievement, Stakeholder Involvement, Quality Staffing, and Fiscal Responsibility. The academic core courses covered in Davis County include English Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies and World Languages. There is also flexibility in the pathway in which students can pursue their education with a wide variety of electives and enrichment courses. Examples include Health and Physical Education, CTE-Career and Technical Education, Driver Education, Fine Arts and Library/Media. There are also various curriculum programs in which students can be enrolled into to meet their academic wishes and needs. These include Advanced Placement and Honors, Athletics, Concurrent Enrollment, Davis Enhanced Education (Gifted and Talented), Digital Learning: Davis Connect K-6, Digital Learning: Davis Connect 7-12, MESA: Math, Engineering, and Science Achievement, National Academic League, and STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Through this, the goals of students who are strong problem-solvers and communicators are worked towards each year of their education to enable skill-specific enrichment of their passions and academics.

Schools in/near Sunset, Utah include:

Sunset Elementary School (K-6)

Located on 2014 North 250 West, Sunset, Utah  84015, Sunset Elementary School covers Kindergarten through Grade Six. Contact Sunset Elementary School at 801-402-2550 for the Main Office, 801-402-2556 for Attendance or 801-402-2551 for Fax. Office hours are from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Sunset Elementary School’s mission statement involves prioritizing learning to teach their students how to be learners and leaders. Sunset Elementary school has also recently been designated as a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) school.

Sunset Junior High (7-9)

Located on 1610 North 250 West, Sunset, Utah 84015, Sunset Junior High covers Grade 7 through Grade Nine. Contact Sunset Junior High at 801-402-6700 for the Main Office, 801-402-6706 for Attendance, 801-525-7028 for South Weber, 801-402-6708 for Counseling or 801-402-6701 for Fax. Office hours are from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm.

Sunset Junior High encompasses the idea of putting learning first before all other things. This is in an effort to proceed with the district’s vision of focusing on student support and growth through the use of blended learning and active community outreach. Well-roundedness is valued at the school where the staff members strive to shape their students into career-ready and active citizens. Sunset Junior High has recently implemented the Math 180 program, which is a learning solution to aid students are currently struggling to keep up with their regular math classes at school. This blended learning environment involves the use of books, instruction and technology to form an interactive learning experience for all the involved students. This is program has shown great success in the improvement of the students’ math skills. In addition to this program, there is also the Read 180 program that prepares students with the reading skills they need to succeed in their post-high school education.

Northridge Senior High (10-12)

Located on 2430 North Hill Field Rd, Layton, Utah 84041, students that graduate from Sunset Junior High move on to continue their senior education at Northridge Senior High.


The Language Arts curriculum focuses on the intertwining skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening, media viewing, and researching. Each is built progressively from elementary school on, and all relevant skills are taught so they extend to literature or non-fiction, or creative writing as well as informational writing. Media viewership is taught so that students have an additional frame of reference to develop their analytical and evaluative abilities.

The writing curriculum is started early with students learning traditional formats like the five paragraph essay, but then developing the skills to organize and present their ideas in other forms such as persuasive or expositional writing. There are also opportunities for creative and personal writing, however the skills of organizing academic writing is emphasized, particularly at the high school level. Research skills are also taught with an eye to teaching students how to evaluate the quality of information they find in books and online.

Keeping Informed: Recent Sunset Educational News

National Academic League – The National Academic League is a competitive extracurricular academic activity for high schoolers in the district. It offers students the chance to compete in many categories and develop collaborative skills in problem-solving during competition.

Online Learning Options – The district offers students of all ages the ability to connect to learning through the state run Online Learning Options exchange. Given the size of the state and range of student interests, the investment in additional courses that students can access anywhere has been a statewide educational priority.

Technology Advancement Plan – The Technology Advancement Plan (TAP) is a districtwide effort to increase the technology options available in the classroom to both teachers and students. By guiding the strategic implementation of technology, educators will be able to put them to best use during classroom activities.


Julia: Ensuring that educators meet the learning styles of their students will guarantee engagement throughout the tutoring session while maximizing the learning potential of the student. 

Alicia: Education is a lifelong learning process. An educator is not just a job; a pupil is more than just a vessel, but our future.

Deborah: Applying historical events to events that are happening in the present day can help student understand and relate to topics that are being discussed.

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The city hosts its Sunset City Fun Days that involve two days of a variety of activities to celebrate the city. Festivities include contests, carnivals, parades, car shows, a movie in the park, live music and a fireworks display. The activities take place at the famous Sunset City Central Park, which is located at 85 W. 1800 North, Sunset, Utah 84015. The park can be contacted via their phone number: 801-825-1628.

Sunset City is a well-prepared and safe city. The city consists of several street lights throughout all areas, thus rendering the city well lit. Weather conditions are combated with equipment such as a complete storm drain system, speedy snow removal and thorough street cleaning. The speed limits of the city include twenty five miles per hour in community areas, 20 miles per hour in school zones and forty five miles per hour on the main street. These moderate speed limits allow for careful and cautious driving.

There is also a moderate to low crime rate in the city, with the police always monitoring the events in the city.

Additional Information

The Sunset area was originally utilized by the Mormon pioneers to feed and graze their animals during cold months. The first settlers of the city were the members of the James Hill family in the eighteen hundreds. Their little farm and home existed where Old Sunset City Hall was located. More settlers came along with the Mormon pioneers to establish the current city that is seen today, with some of their descendants still residing in the city. The city earned its beautiful name in 1916 after a few ladies who were looking at the sunset over the Great Salt Lake and decided to dedicate the city’s name to its colourful sunset.

The city was lowly populated with around six hundred residents, until the 1960s -1970s, where the addition of housing and subdivisions brought the population up to approximately six thousand people. Sunset City is very small geographically-speaking, thus there is very limited room for further development of infrastructure and residences.

Sunset City consists of a variety of businesses to serve the public. This includes a major drug and food center, convenience stores, pizza stores, garages, a cabinet shop, a bicycle shop, a delhi, a bank, dentists, insurance brokers, a motel and barber and beauty shops.

Chalk Talk: Making Friends in University

The transition from high school to university is very tough for many. The reason for this is because we’ve already grown familiar with the small group of students in high school with friends who took the same classes as you. The transition over to a large campus with much more people makes one feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to start. Once you all graduate high school and move onto different pathways, you will feel as if you lost your friends and a great wave of loneliness will come over you. Just know that this is only normal.

We are all on the same boat

The first step is understanding that you are not the only one who is feeling lonely in this new setting. All the other first year students are also transitioning from one setting to another. Some may have come overseas, far from their families, or just moved in from a neighboring city. Regardless, we all feel lonely. If you are living on campus, this would be the perfect chance to make friends. By just hanging out in the halls or visiting the cafeteria can include lots of interactions with the students around you and opportunities for friendship to arise.


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