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Colonie, New York Tutoring Programs

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Colonie District and Curriculum

The town of Colonie is divided between two school districts: North Colonie Central School District and South Colonie Central School District. The North and South Colonie Central School Districts’ curricula are based on the New York State P-12 Common Core Learning Standards, which were adopted in 2011, and New York State Learning Standards, which were first adopted in 1996. The North and South Colonie Central School Districts’ offer a full range of classes. Subject areas such as health, Social Studies, and arts are based on the New York State Learning Standards.

We currently cover the following Colonie-area school districts: North Colonie Central School District and South Colonie Central School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Colonie District Curriculum

From the earliest grades Colonie’s English Language Arts students engage with a wide variety of texts in order to build their practical knowledge, expand their personal experience, and their broaden knowledge of the world. Through attentive reading, deep research, and critical writing students hone the kinds of analytical and communication skill that are required of citizens of today’s world.

The P-12 Common Core Learning Standards that serve as the basis of Colonie’s math curriculum represent an attempt to get away from past curricula that were criticized for being “an inch deep and a mile wide.” Colonie’s math curriculum guided by the principles of focus, coherence, and rigor. Focus means that students spend time working only on the most important topics. Coherence means that students develop core skills each year. Rigor means students are faced with challenges and expected to tackle fluency exercises, chains of reason, and abstract activities.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Colonie Educational News

  • Educators Honored as Master Teachers - Governor Cuomo has named two North Colonie teachers New York State Master Teachers. Elizabeth Carroll, a Shaker Junior High math teacher, and Kelly Ryan, a Shaker High biology Teacher, will both receive a $15,000 per year stipend for their participation in the Master Teacher program. As part of the program, both teachers will mentor other teachers, lead development sessions, and work with the next generation of STEM teachers.
  • Athletic Scholarships - Eleven CCHS students have accepted athletic scholarships for the 2014-2015 academic year. The varsity lacrosse and track and field teams have been awarded more scholarships than any other team, with members from each team going on to compete at colleges.
  • SCSD Named in the Best Communities for Music Education - The South Colonie Central School District has been named one of the Best Communities for Music Education. Each year for the past 14 years the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) has ranked U.S. communities according to funding of, participation in, and facilities for music education programs. This is the second year in a row that NAMM had ranked the South Colonie Central School District among the Best Communities for Music Education.

Colonie Tutors Can Help Your Student Succeed

SchoolTutoring Academy works with young learners and students, all the way up through high school. We offer Pre-K and Kindergarten Tutoring as well as Elementary School Tutoring to build a strong learning foundation early on. We also offer comprehensive tutoring across all school subjects.

Chalk Talk: What Book Is the Right Book?

That is a question parents often ask themselves, and, unfortunately, there is rarely an answer. Parents agonize over whether a book is too hard for their child, or not hard enough for their child. They worry about whether or not their child should still be reading picture books, or if he or she is ready for picture books. The truth is that when it comes to reading kids are a lot like parents; sometimes they want to be challenged, and sometimes they want to read something light and zone-out. A new reader should know that he or she can always put down a challenging book and come back to it later. He or she should also know that sometimes the easy stuff needs to be put to the side. Having the ability to switch back and forth is what makes life-long readers.

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