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Harwich District and Curriculum

Monomoy Regional School District serves the Cape Cod area. The district is relatively new, and the Monomoy region is only a few years old and was created to provide a better education to students residing in Harwich and Chatham as well as more choices of extracurricular activities. The district prides itself on offering small class sizes, high academic expectations, caring and supportive teachers, and a positive school culture. Students learn how to communicate effectively, work as part of a team, and respect diversity. Students in Monomoy Regional School District also acquire essential technology skills that enhance their ability to succeed in future educational and work pursuits.

We currently cover the following Harwich-area school district: Monomoy Regional School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Harwich District Curriculum

Monomoy Regional School District offers a comprehensive curriculum that is collaborative; project-based; interdisciplinary; and fosters creativity, independent thinking, and resiliency. In English language arts, for instance, students should be able to independently use their learning to effectively express their ideas orally and in writing for a variety of purposes and audiences, develop a love for reading, read and comprehend texts of various complexities, understand the power of words, and generate open-ended questions and seek answers through critical analysis.

The curriculum enables students to build content knowledge, make meaning, and apply learning to new situations. Monomoy Regional is working with the internationally renowned curriculum leader Jay McTighe, who co-wrote Understanding by Design. The main goal of the district’s curriculum plan is “developing students who can independently transfer their learning in new situations” and has developed “transfer [their learning in new situations] goals” for each subject.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Harwich Educational News

  • Government Students’ Poll Predicts Governor - Monomoy Regional High School’s U.S. Government classes conducted an exit poll of voters at the Harwich Community Center, and the students predicted Democrat Martha Coakley would win the race, as she had a slight edge of 48 percent of the votes. The poll also surveyed voters about political issues, with 51 percent pointing to economic issues as the most important. In all, 324 voters were asked about nine candidates and five political issues.
  • More Students Come to Monomoy High School - For the 2014 school year, Monomoy High School’s enrollment increased by 50 students. This is good news for Monomoy, as it is a relatively new region and district. The high school may reach its capacity of 700 students. New teachers, learning opportunities, and extracurriculars are sure to follow.
  • Parent Joins Monomoy School Committee - The greatest factor in Amanda Alten, who was recently selected for the Monomoy Regional School Committee, joining the committee was her two elementary school-aged sons. She had spent a lot of time volunteering at her sons’ elementary school and wanted to get involved in her children’s education at a higher level. Her background in accounting has helped her understand budgets and other finances, and she has learned a great deal about curricula, teacher evaluations, and everything related to how the schools work.

Harwich Tutors Can Help Your Student Succeed

SchoolTutoring Academy works with young learners and students, all the way up through high school. We offer Pre-K and Kindergarten Tutoring as well as Elementary School Tutoring to build a strong learning foundation early on. We also offer comprehensive tutoring across all school subjects.

Chalk Talk: Dealing with School Refusal

It is not unusual, during a child’s life, for there to be times when they do not want to go back to school. When this happens, a natural reaction may be to be disrespectful or cross. Instead parents should help them to explain why they feel like this. See if they have been made angry or scared. When the parent understands, it is easier to help the child work through this time. Parents should also reassure the child that the feeling real and see if they can brainstorm some ways to help this to change. This may not be an overnight solution, but it does give them ideas of things they can do themselves to improve the circumstance. After this ask them about the parts of the day that went well. This will help them to see the positives they would miss if they did not go back. After the discussion, give the child reassurance that they have been heard and then talk about something else to show confidence in their decision. This process is helping the child gain self-confidence in their life.

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