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Iowa Falls District and Curriculum

Iowa Falls and Alden Community School District uses the Iowa Core Curriculum. The district, in conjunction with the Mid-Iowa School Improvement Consortium (MISIC), develops, reviews, and revises academic standards and benchmarks of student success for each content area and grade level; these incorporate and are aligned with Iowa Core. These standards briefly describe specific skills and knowledge students are expected to acquire by the end of the school year. The district utilizes a Curriculum Mapper to ensure that the standards and benchmarks are being appropriately implemented and aligned throughout the district.

We currently cover the following Iowa Falls-area school district: Iowa Falls and Alden Community School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Iowa Falls District Curriculum

The study of literature is included in the English curriculum at Iowa Falls and Alden Community School District. While in high schools the students learn how to read to support facts from the text, plus they discover how to cite inferences from the reading. They also learn how to find a theme or central idea in order to find the details to support it. Included in this is how this idea shows itself and how it comes to an objective summary. Through their reading, students look at characters which have many different motivations, how they interact with others and how they move the plot forward.

The Mathematics curriculum at Iowa Falls and Alden Community School District include the study of geometry, number and quantity, algebra, functions, modeling and statistics. In high school the students begin to learn about imaginary numbers in order to create complex numbers. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are also different as each new topic of mathematics is introduced and expanded upon as students use exponents. The students also use calculators, spreadsheets and computers to help them comprehend what they are learning.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Iowa Falls Educational News

  • Iowa Falls-Alden “Beating the Odds” - Iowa Falls-Alden was one of 13 Iowa schools to make Newsweek’s “Beating the Odds” national rankings, which recognize schools that greatly prepare students for college despite having a high population of economically disadvantaged students. The list, which ranks 500 high schools across the U.S., examines factors such as college readiness, graduation rates, college bound rates, and poverty levels.
  • Iowa FCCLA Participates in Several Events At State Leadership Conference - The Iowa Falls-Alden FCCLA Chapter joined over 600 members from across Iowa in attending the 2015 FCCLA State Leadership Conference. The event provided an opportunity for the students—in grades 7-12—to celebrate the year’s worth of projects they completed and to continue to develop leadership skills in the yearlong theme of “Capture the Moment.” In the STAR Events, students competed for achievement of individual and chapter projects in order to advance to the National STAR Event competition. Iowa Falls-Alden also completed projects revolving around Peer Education and received several awards for their efforts.
  • Riverbend Students Apply Math to Business, Real World - Eighth grade math students at Riverbend Middle School used the hit entrepreneur –based TV show Shark Tank as a basis for their project in which they created their own products and started their own businesses. Through selling the products they created, they were able to earn over $1,200, which the students gave back to the community. The project helped students apply math to the real world, as they had to be aware of what items cost to make their products and keep spreadsheets to track their finances.

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