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Lawrenceburg, Kentucky Tutoring Programs

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Lawrenceburg District and Curriculum

The Anderson County School District is a small district in Lawrenceburg which serves 4,000 students at its 6 schools. Lawrenceburg also has several private schools within its city limits. The District follows the Kentucky Core Academic Standards for all subject areas except for English language arts and math, where it follows the framework of the Common Core Standards Initiative. Anderson County Schools follows a standard curriculum laid out by the Kentucky Core Academic Standards and encourages students to be career-minded throughout their K-12 learning experience.

We currently cover the following Lawrenceburg-area school district: Anderson County School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Lawrenceburg District Curriculum

The District begins teaching basic concepts of math to its kindergarteners with activities to engage students with number memorization and the ability to count by tens. By the end of the school year, these kindergarteners will be able to rote count from 1-100. Students learn to define and make sense of more complex math topics, and by the 8th grade are expected to understand concepts like number systems, expressions and equations, and statistics and probability.

In high school, students can become involved in various clubs offered; Anderson County High School hopes to have each club become involved with a community service project for the 2014-2015 school year. Students are active within their community and learn ways to continue doing so beyond graduation in the curriculum’s Practical Living courses. Students are pushed to work toward Advanced Placement courses in all subjects in an effort to better prepare them for their college careers.

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Chalk Talk: Good Study Habits

Students who are looking forward to a college career should start implementing effective study habits when they begin middle school. These habits can develop and improve as they progress through middle and high school, but learning early on the best ways to maintain good grades is an important step toward succeeding in college and beyond. Students should find a quiet place they can retreat to for their studies, whether it be a corner in the library or a desk in their room. Many students find it helpful to time themselves while studying; if you allow yourself an hour for one subject before taking a break, you will be less likely to become overwhelmed by the work in front of you or too tired to continue. Taking breaks is important to keep your mind active and able to retain information!