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Lewistown District and Curriculum

Mifflin County School District is careful to provide their students not only with an education in conformance with state standards, but also one that will prepare them academically and socially for life beyond high school. Students begin by learning the basics of reading and writing, math, science and social studies. Students also learn the basics of using technology and libraries. As students progress through the grades, they take PSSA exams which test their proficiency in core subjects.

We currently cover the following Lewistown-area school district: Mifflin County School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Lewistown District Curriculum

In Science, hands-on experiments are often used to engage students in the Science unit being taught about forming, investigating and testing scientific hypotheses. Students are introduced to concepts from environmental science, biology, physical science and technology. Students are also introduced to the arts including audio and visual as well as theater and dance. Students learn about physical fitness and health as well as safety and develop social skills as they learn and grow.

High school students are provided many elective as well as honors or Advanced Placement classes which can help prepare college bound students for what they will face beyond the high school classroom. Students interested in pursuing vocational careers may also take classes that prepare them for their goals after high school. There are internships and work learning opportunities available, and some local organizations may allow students to job shadow. Students are then expected to return to the classroom to study further about the practical learning experience they had.

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Chalk Talk: How to Use Music Mnemonics for Memorization

There are many ways to help yourself memorize information and one of them is called Music Mnemonics. This is a process which uses music to remind yourself of information. Particularly with young children this is effective for learning material like the days of the week or months of the year. Whether you need to remember a definition or a list, think of a song that you find catchy. Then begin to put what you need to memorize into the tune. You may want to find a song that somehow reminds you of the topic you are memorizing. Either way, though, let the music guide you. The same way a song can’t get out of your head, let the tune and your new lyrics sink in and repeat over and over until you have your information memorized. When you need to remember the information, just start humming the tune under your breath.