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Makakilo District and Curriculum

Makakilo-area schools, along with their governing body, the Hawaii Department of Education (DOE), are committed to producing students who are not just ready for post-secondary education, but who are also ready for life. The aim of the schools and the DOE is to produce responsible citizens who are able to function ethically in an increasingly technology-driven world.

We currently cover the following Makakilo-area school district: Hawaii Public Schools.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Makakilo District Curriculum

The desired outcome of Makakilo-area schools, competent citizens and college-ready students, is also supported by the DOE’s switch to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Already in partial implementation, a full-scale execution will take affect in the 2013-2014 school year. These standards seek to bolster English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics curricula by bringing greater focus to analytical, logic-based thinking. Rather than learning by rote, students will be expected to explain concepts behind equations and a variety of written materials, including fiction and nonfiction.

The graduation requirements for Makakilo-area schools are also scheduled for change. Beginning with the class of 2016, students will be required to complete one-half credit hour in Expository Writing in addition to completing ELA I and II. They will still be required to complete three credit hours in math, but two must come from Geometry and Algebra (one credit hour of each).

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Keeping Informed: Recent Makakilo Educational News

  • New Alternative Certification for School Administrators Program - In an effort to allow more highly-qualified individuals the chance to bring their talents to the school system, the Hawaii Department of Education (DOE) has organized alternative certification for school administrators. Chaminade University in Honolulu is working with the DOE on the program.
  • Hawaii State Department of Education Plans to Improve Communications - Recognizing that communication among staff, students, and parents is key in success, the Hawaii State Department of Education has implemented a new communications strategy. Donalyn Dela Cruz will be at the forefront of the effort in her new role as Director of Communications.
  • Recommendations Regarding Bus Transportation Released - The Student Transportation Services Branch of the Hawaii State Department of Education could be facing an important overhaul. The changes will address key issues identified in a recent Student Bus Transportation Study.

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Chalk Talk: What Is a Graphing Calculator?

Most high school students will use a graphing calculator at some point, so it’s important that they become familiar with its uses. The biggest differences between graphing and regular calculators lie in their functional abilities and design. A graphing calculator has a much larger screen, which is used for displaying graphs. A regular calculator, with its smaller screen, can only show the products of equations. This makes them a better choice for advanced mathematics; students are able to visualize equations with help or produce graphs that would be painstaking if done by hand. As schools recognize the importance of these features, graphing calculators are often provided to students or students are required to purchase them for higher level math and science courses.