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North Kingstown, Rhode Island Tutoring Programs

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North Kingstown District and Curriculum

The North Kingstown School District is a large district that includes nine schools that serves students from Pre-kindergarten to senior high school level. The mission for the district expresses the desire to offer a rich learning environment that will support their growth and help graduates to communicate and solve problems effectively, think independently or in collaboration, and to become active and self-directed citizens with a propensity for life-long learning.

We currently cover the following North Kingstown-area school district: North Kingstown School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the North Kingstown District Curriculum

The North Kingstown School District expects students to be able to identify the distinguishing features of major genres of literary texts, appropriate literary devices, and characterization as a part of its English curriculum. Students are taught reading comprehension strategies to decode the meaning of vocabulary and to make logical predictions based on characterization and inferences.

While the Science curricula feature the typical coursework in biology and physics, it also reflects a strong influence from the local community and a concern for the future of the environment. For example, two semesters of boat building classes introduce students to the science and technology of boatbuilding. Boating is an integral part of the community’s culture and students will learn the principles of buoyancy and other science concepts, and also report results and reflections to exercise creative writing skills. Concern for the future of the environment can be seen in classes such as Greenhouse Management, Nature Journaling, and Narragansett Bay Studies.

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Keeping Informed: Recent North Kingstown Educational News

  • Junk Drawer Engineering Day - The Junk Drawer Engineering Day was such a success when it was offered at the RING April Vacation Camp that they are now offering an extended series. The students learn about robotic arms and other topics as part of the four-part session. The students will build their robotic arm with common, everyday objects. What a fun way to learn about robotics!
  • Calendar Fundraiser Success - By selling calendars, Booster Club members were able to raise $11,000 to support the sports teams of North Kingstown. The organization also offered the opportunity to buy raffle tickets. Winners received a cash prize. In total, over $2000 of prize money was awarded.
  • High Test Scores - Two North Kingstown schools were mentioned along with East Greenwich schools as achieving a high degree of improvement in testing statistics on the NECAP. Students are tested in the fourth, eighth, and eleventh grade. The North Kingstown school district improved almost five percent as a whole.

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