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Orleans District and Curriculum

Nauset Public Schools offer a scope and sequence for how content should be delivered to students. The curriculum maps include unit names, summaries of the units (core ideas and curricular focuses), the enduring understandings that students are expected to gain, the essential questions that drive each unit and result in inquiry, the content that is taught and learned, the skills students should acquire, and the assessments used to show evidence of students meeting the standards. They are aligned both horizontally—across the classes in each grade level—and vertically—from one grade to the next. The district’s curriculum is based on an Understanding by Design framework.

We currently cover the following Orleans-area school district: Nauset Public Schools.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Orleans District Curriculum

Elementary math students are introduced to numbers and operations and basic concepts in algebraic relationships and geometry. When students learn about multiplication, they are taught to understand the concept of multiplication and also see basic algebraic relationships within the function of multiplication. To begin with, students may use physical, manipulative objects to form arrays in a hands-on fashion. It is easy to see where algebraic concepts come into play, as students may be asked to write a multiplication problem based on an array.

A large part of the measurement and data component of the math curriculum entails that students have a deep understanding of the scale of different units of measurement and how they relate to one another. For example, they may be asked the unit that should be used to measure the length of a pencil or to estimate the length of a football field. Although they will measure items themselves, they will begin to understand that it is inconvenient or impractical to physically measure certain items, so it is important that they be able to estimate these measurements.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Orleans Educational News

  • Former Nauset Graduate Becomes Chart-Topping Sensation - Recently, everyone had the number one hit song "All About That Bass" stuck in their heads. The song helped singer Meghan Trainor, who graduated from Nauset Regional High in 2012 and was part of the high school's jazz band, rise to stardom almost overnight. Trainor was voted by her class as "most likely to leave a legacy," and with newspaper and magazine clippings featuring the star gracing the walls of the school, it is fair to say she has already done so.
  • Ribbon Cut on Greenhouse - After two years of aggressive fundraising and building, the Nauset Regional Middle School Greenhouse Building Project Committee finally officially gifted the school a greenhouse during a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by about 100 people. Superintendent Dr. Richard Hoffman spoke of the learning opportunities that the greenhouse will afford to the students. Students will grow and study plants, learn how to create and maintain a healthy environment and about sustainability, study the role engineering plays in the design and management of the greenhouse, research the benefits of growing organically, and gain an understanding of entrepreneurship.
  • Public Responds to Orleans Fifth Graders' Exhibit - Orleans Elementary fifth graders' "Battle of Rock Harbor" art and history exhibit was so popular that the display was extended for an additional month for public viewing as requested by the cultural council. The exhibit was created as a result of the Orleans Historical Society's outreach program with the elementary school. The display included 42 shadow box interpretations of the battle and fictional written pieces in which the students described where they were on the day of the battle.

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Chalk Talk: Finding Adjectives

Students learn that an adjective is a describing word; specifically, adjectives describe nouns and pronouns. Therefore, in order to correctly identify adjectives, students must be able to identify nouns—people, places, things, and objects—as well. In the sentence "Betty wears a pink dress," the word pink is clearly a describing word. In order for it to be an adjective, it must describe a noun in the sentence. The dress is what is being described as pink, and a dress is a thing, or a noun, so "pink" is an adjective. Adjectives often appear before the noun they are describing, but not always. For example, in the sentence, "Betty's hair is pretty," the adjective pretty is describing the noun hair. Adjectives often answer one of the following three questions: What kind? How many? Which one? In the first example sentence given, the word pink describes "what kind" of dress Betty is wearing. In the sentence "Sam sells nine tickets," the adjective nine tells us "how many" tickets Sam sells.

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