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Pineville District and Curriculum

The public schools in Pineville are administered by the Rapides Parish School System. The district is dedicated to providing students get the education they need to be successful as adults in further education and in the workforce. The goal of the district is to help students achieve academic success grade by grade and graduate ready to enter college or other learning or start a job. The school system provides a rigorous academic curriculum partnered with co-curricular programs such as the performing arts, creative arts, and sports.

We currently cover the following Pineville-area school district: Rapides Parish School System.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Pineville District Curriculum

The goal of the curriculum is to help students prepare for college and for the workforce. In English and Language Arts (ELA), students start with the basics of learning to read, write, listen and speak in correct English. The same standards for English used in ELA are applied across all academic courses. Informational text and literature are used as reading material so that students are better prepared for more advanced text. Writing assignments include learning how to apply critical analysis skills for evidence based writing.

In Mathematics, students focus on fewer topics and those they do study including computational skills, algebra, geometry, statistics and measurement are studied in detail and in a progressively intensive program of study. The goal is for students to be fluent in core math skills by the time they graduate from high school with the ability to apply what they have learned to higher math and in the workforce.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Pineville Educational News

  • Sportsman of the Month - Every month the Louisiana High School Athletics Association chooses a sportsman of the month. The award is open to students, coaches, teachers, staff or fans that display exemplary aspects of sportsmanship. A student from Bolton High School in the Rapides Parish School District is a recent winner of the award – a testament to the student and the school’s sports program.
  • Good Food Project Award - Students involved in community based training program from Tioga High School were recently honored by the Food Bank of Central Louisiana as the Good Food Project Volunteer of the Year. The award is given to individuals or groups who provide exceptional service towards reducing hunger in Louisiana. The student volunteers were honored at a recent Volunteer Recognition Banquet.
  • Dictionaries for 4th Graders - The Pineville Rotary Club along with volunteers from the Interact Club at Pineville High School recently participated in a service project to donate dictionaries to fourth grade students in Pineville, Louisiana. Boxes of dictionaries were distributed to eleven elementary schools in the Pineville area with the hope the donations will encourage reading and a lifelong love of learning.

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Chalk Talk: Science Experiments for Kids

Children love experimenting with science projects and they have the dual purpose of being fun activities while encouraging an interest in science. Students, parents and teachers now have a great resource for ideas on engaging science projects at a website called Science Kids developed by Rene Smith a New Zealander who has been involved with science education for years. The site offers all kinds of projects, activities and experiments to try including how to make a parachute, the floating eggs experiment, creating quick sand, geysers, glowing water, tornado in a bottle and balloon speakers. The site has more than 45 experiments to try and each experiment comes with easy instructions and information on exactly what is happening and what can be learned from the experiment.