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Stratham, New Hampshire Tutoring Programs

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Stratham District and Curriculum

The curriculum of Stratham’s school district, SAU 16, is informed by a variety of sources including the New Hampshire State Standards, MathScape Curriculum Center, Everyday Mathematics, and the National Educational Technology Standards for Students. These sources help shape classroom learning in grades pre-K to 12th. The New Hampshire State Standards refer to the New Hampshire College and Career Ready Standards. These standards have newly adopted frameworks especially for English language arts and mathematics.

We currently cover the following Stratham-area school district: SAU 16.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Stratham District Curriculum

Everyday Mathematics is a curriculum created by the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project. The MathScape curriculum though was created by the Education Development Center. The Everyday Mathematics curriculum is used in classrooms between pre-k to 6th grades, while the MathScape curriculum is incorporated in the 6th to 8th grade classrooms; both these programs emphasize and connect students with real-world applications of math.

Specifically in reading and math, students are assessed based on their grade-level. The assessment is known as the New England Common Assessment Program Grade-Level Expectations. These assessments are used for a variety of purposes, but most importantly serve to measure that students are achieving the goals set forth in the core curriculum. They also help teachers see the strengths and weaknesses of all their students and demonstrate how the school is doing in getting all students to succeed.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Stratham Educational News

  • Institute of Education Services - The Institute of Education Services provides various statistics on Stratham Memorial School. Information includes enrollment by gender and grade and a range of other demographic and achievement information.
  • Meteorologist Visits Stratham Memorial School - The local weatherman visited Stratham Memorial School to the delight of the children. He spoke to them about the different weather instruments and types of clouds and answered there many questions.
  • YMCA School’s Out Program - Pumpkin carvings and other activities took place during the celebration of the YMCA School’s Out program in Stratham. Many Stratham children and family participated in the events, which are held annually and a wonderful community tradition.

Stratham Tutors Can Help Your Student Succeed

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