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Westminster District and Curriculum

The Ashburnham-Westminster Regional School District serves almost 2,400 students from grades K-12 in the towns of Westminster and Ashburnham. The district follows the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks which have been developed to explain the learning expectations within each subject at each grade level. The frameworks do not prescribe how a teacher must teach an objective, but instead emphasizes the knowledge and critical thinking skills they should be developing in their students. By high school, students are expected to increase their independence in their coursework and conduct original scholarship and become involved in career or interest-based electives.

We currently cover the following Westminster-area school district: Ashburnham-Westminster Regional School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Westminster District Curriculum

The district’s Oakmont Regional High School has many academic-related school-wide expectations of its students. In terms of communication–both orally and in writing–students are expected to be able to articulate a clear position on an issue or question (purpose), present information in a structured and logical fashion (organization), give content that is accurate and supported by evidence, use effective tone and write fluently, and use proper grammar and conventions in their writing.

Being advanced in a criterion means that the student exceeds expectations and presents strong work consistently. A proficient student usually meets objectives and produces work that is effective. One who needs improvement meets some of the expectations occasionally. Finally, a student who is at an unacceptable level meets few, if any, of the objectives and does so rarely. Another set of school-wide expectations revolves around the ability to think critically in the areas of reading, listening, synthesizing and applying, and evaluating.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Westminster Educational News

  • Overlook Teacher Receives State Award for Innovation - Ashburnham's Overlook Middle School science teacher Joann Mossman was awarded the Secretary's Award for Excellence in Energy and Environmental Education at the Massachusetts Statehouse for her innovativeness in teaching environmental science. Ms. Mossman exposes her students to an outdoor garden, engages them in computer research projects, and encourages them to focus on all of the little things they can do to help the environment.
  • Overlook Students Prove Kindness Counts - The students at Overlook Middle School recently celebrated Kindness Counts Week, which has been held at the school each year for over a decade. Each day of the week was dedicated to a different theme and color, which all the students and staff wore; the themes were as follows: kindness, respect, confidence, acceptance, and "be the change." This year's Kindness Counts Week focused on positive messages, such as treating others with respect and compassion.
  • Ash-West Students "Get Crackin'" - On Thursday afternoons, 50 students from grades K-2 gather in the Meetinghouse Elementary (located in Westminster) gym for the six-week "Let's Get Crackin'" program started by the district's head nurse as a result of budget cuts taking away health education. Students engage in 40 minutes of physical exercise, which may include yoga or dance, and 20 minutes of health education; they also get to eat delicious healthy snacks such as yogurt and granola parfaits.

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SchoolTutoring Academy works with young learners and students, all the way up through high school. We offer Pre-K and Kindergarten Tutoring as well as Elementary School Tutoring to build a strong learning foundation early on. We also offer comprehensive tutoring across all school subjects.

Chalk Talk: Talking with Teens

Teenagers are in a difficult period of life. They are going through many changes, including physical, hormonal and desire for independence. With this in mind, parents can better understand why their teen may seem to be confused and easy to become emotional. The most important thing for parents to remember is that their teen may desire independence but they still need a warm connection with their parents. Parents need to show understanding and love, just as they did when the teen was small. It is important to practice listening to these children. As a listener, parents give warmth, confidence in the teen’s intelligence and space for exploration of their world. While the teen is talking, parents need to hear them out and do not offer advice or decisions without thinking about it first. Even if patience is practiced, the teen may still unleash feelings. Parents need to let them talk. They need this time to release their emotions to help them grow.