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Zuni Pueblo District and Curriculum

The Zuni Public School District is charged with providing a challenging educational curriculum that prepares students for further education and the workforce. In addition, the district is committed to meeting the unique needs of the Zuni Indian community with an emphasis on preserving the heritage and culture of the Zuni people. The Zuni Public School District is implementing the New Mexico Common Core State Standards across all the schools in the district.

We currently cover the following Zuni Pueblo-area school district: Zuni Public School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Zuni Pueblo District Curriculum

Common Core provides a universal and practical approach to educational curriculum with a focus on providing students with the skills they will need to be successful in the business world. Currently the standards apply to Mathematics and English and Language Arts. In Mathematics, students learn a set number of core math skills including computation, algebra, geometry, statistics, probability and measurement. The goal of the curriculum is to have students be proficient in these subjects by the completion of high school so that they can apply what they have learned to their post-secondary goals.

In English and Language Arts students learn to read, write, speak and listen using correct English in addition to becoming familiar with fiction, nonfiction and informational text. Students are encouraged to develop critical analysis skills and to read for evidence with an increasingly complex level of reading material. Writing is also a major focus of the curriculum so that students are able to write for a variety of purposes and maintain a point in written work.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Zuni Pueblo Educational News

  • W.K. Kellogg Foundation - The Zuni Public School District recently became the beneficiary of a grant to the University of New Mexico by the W. K. Kellogg Foundation whereby the district will receive assistance in teacher preparation and professional development. The University’s College of Education will focus on the training and recruitment of new Zuni teachers with an emphasis on preparing teachers that will be able to successfully continue with a curriculum that includes the history, culture and language of the Zuni people.
  • Elementary Fine Arts - The fine arts program in the elementary schools in the Zuni Public School District benefits from state funding and educational grants that allow students to receive instruction in the visual arts, theater, dance, and music. The grant helps cover instructor salaries, art supplies and musical instruments. The goal of the fine arts program is to encourage students to develop their creativity, provide challenging coursework and to help students learn to work with others.
  • Johnson O'Malley Fund for Elementary Education - Each school year the Zuni Public School District receives additional funding for the elementary schools in the district as part of the Certificates of Indian Blood (C.I.B.) program. This funding is currently used to hire educational assistants, to purchase school supplies, and to fund an annual banquet for student recognition. Parent Advisory Committee Members are also provided with funds to receive training.

Zuni Pueblo Tutors Can Help Your Student Succeed

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