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Bethany R

Math, Science, English Tutor

Colorado State University

Majors: Business Administration

Minors: Spanish and Premed Emphasis

About Me



First, I believe that all education should be driven by a love of learning. In each course I take, I always tell myself I am going to love it so that my focus is not just the grade but rather enjoying the material for the sake of learning.
Second, I do not think students should believe they are bad at a subject because they don’t “get it” the first time it is explained. Sometimes all it takes is one person explaining a concept slightly different for a student to grasp it.


I attended Rocky Mountain High School (graduation: May 2011), here in Fort Collins. Currently, I am pursuing a Business Administration degree, with a Minor in Spanish at Colorado State University. I am also completing my PreMed requisites in order to prepare me for medical or physician’s assistant school.


During high school, I tutored a visually challenged student in Algebra. This was difficult because all of the tutoring was based on how well I explained concepts verbally. However, it was extremely fulfilling.
During my first years at Colorado State University, I assisted at La Familia’s after-school program and provided tutoring to students in all subjects (ages 5-12 years). Currently, I lead study groups for many of my classes.


I am a port of the President’s Leadership Program, as well as Premedica. I am also coordinating an International Medical Relief CSU medical mission trip to Kenya.