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Brooke W

Science, Homework Help, Study Skills Tutor

Tennessee State University

Majors: Biology

Other Certificates: M.A., Curriculum and Instruction; Ph.D., Physiology

About Me



Teaching is a calling of elite individuals given the charge of sowing professionalism, individualized strategies and life skills into future leaders. Each student should be encouraged to learn but challenged to actively engage in more areas than classroom instruction.

However education can be stunted by rigid educational rules and regulation, which promote assessments scores over students actively learning more than concepts in the classroom. Learning is a process that teachers initiate but students execute. In order to prepare tomorrow’s leaders, teachers must be relevant and effective to ensure the potential for a bountiful harvest!


I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and then a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. I also received my Ph.D. Degree in Physiology. These opportunities have allowed me to be a research fellow, teacher, minority liaison and consultant.


I taught Biology and Earth Science 9-10 for 3 years. During this tenure I was able to become Department Head, lead one-on-one technology trainings and restart the science fair at the school for grades 9-12. I learned a lot from my position and worked diligently with other teachers to ensure student success. Moreover I currently work as a contracted Education Consultant that delivers professional development and other evaluative measures for the schools.


I am in the process of starting a farm with my husband. We intend to start with a tunnel house then work our way into cattle. Also I enjoy writing and reading in my spare time. Lastly the majority of my free time is spent enjoying my son!