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Lauren D

Science Tutor

University of Rhode Island

Majors: Biology and Secondary Education

Other Certificates: Teaching Certification: Rhode Island

About Me



Learning is something that is best done by teaching others; learning is a lifelong passion for me – so naturally I gravitate toward tutoring!

I believe that every student has different learning styles and/or needs which must be taken into account in order for learning to occur; educators need to be aware of this. A small ratio of teachers to students is a great way to focus on individual needs and encourage students to learn!


I attended the University of Rhode Island and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in both Biology and Secondary Education with a Middle school certification.

While in school, I student taught at both middle and high school levels, took an internship in a quarantine laboratory and helped develop scientific papers, was a Resident Assistant in a dormitory of my peers for two years, and also was a counselor at an overnight summer camp for children 8 until seniors in high school.


I have experience both teaching and tutoring at various ages, levels and backgrounds.


Currently, I work with our church youth group girls – both junior and senior high.
I am a mother of an adorable 1 year old and wife of a brilliant software engineer (though I am biased towards those two). My husband and I are working to restore a pre-foreclosure property we bought in 2011 to it’s former glory.
As a hobby I enjoy the library, vegetable gardening, writing/blogging, my chickens and the great outdoors.

I love studying nature and biology. It never ceases to draw me in, from the weed thriving in the crack on the sidewalk to the raptor soaring overhead; I am always in awe.

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