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Lauren M

Math, Science, English Tutor

Pace University

Majors: Early Childhood Education

About Me



I believe that every child is a unique individual possessing different qualities, learning styles, and abilities. Every child has the right to a secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere that will meet their individual needs and personality. I am a strong believer in the idea that every child can learn, it’s just a matter of determining the specific way each child learns best.


I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education (grades 1-6) from Pace University located in Pleasantville, New York. I just recently graduated with a Master’s degree from the same institution this past May in Special Education (grades 1-6).


In my undergraduate experience I student taught in a first grade classroom and a third grade inclusion/co-teach classroom (special education teacher and general education teacher working together collaboratively.
In my graduate experience, I student taught in a self-contained fourth grade classroom (classroom of 8 students with learning disabilities) and a first grade resource room.

All of these different classroom settings gave me exposure to a wide variety of students with different learning styles that needed to be met through a variety of instructional methods.


In my free time I love staying active by doing things such as bike riding or jogging. I also love to cook and bake tasty treats like cupcakes and brownies. Reading is another thing that I enjoy doing in my free time. There is nothing more relaxing to me than sitting on the beach with a good book.
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