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Michael W

Science, English Tutor

Memorial Univeristy of Newfoundland

Majors: Psychology

About Me



I believe anyone can learn if given the right opportunities and setting. It is all about finding the strengths of an individual, and avoiding pressure on the weaknesses. I feel you can turn the weaknesses into strengths by slowly working on them over time. It is important to keep the student focused and entertained.


I have graduated from both high school and university with high academic numbers. I was in the top three of my high school graduating class with respect to overall average, and was on the Dean’s list in University. I graduated from Memorial Univeristy of Newfoundland with Honours status and love to continue to grow and learn. I plan to pursue more formal education in the future.


I was responsible for teaching a young child with Autism various life skills. I had to teach him how to learn and how to behave appropriately. I have also had experience teaching children of various ages how to play musical instruments. This involves teaching both reading and motor skills.


I love to teach people new things and help them succeed. I also love playing sports and music, and being part of a team. I also enjoy reading and writing, and learning new things. I have a wide variety of interests that span across many fields.
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