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Nicole K

Math, English Tutor

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Majors: Early Childhood Education

About Me



Students have many challenges that they face on a daily basis that can make learning difficult. These can be anything from their home environment, socioeconomic status or a learning disability. No matter what challenges a student faces, they have a right to an excellent education that works for them. Each child is different, and therefore deserves a unique learning experience tailored for his or her specific needs.


I attained my degree in early childhood education from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in December of 2008. Since then, teaching has brought me to many places and given me many different life changing experiences. I have taught in the inner city of Milwaukee, the small towns in North Carolina and abroad in Costa Rica.


I have four years of experience teaching in pre-K and kindergarten classrooms. I am currently teaching 3rd grade English Language Arts and Social Studies. I have also have three years of experience tutoring children aged 4-14 in various subjects.


In my free time I enjoy being healthy and active as well as traveling all around the world.
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