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Pauline B

Science, ACT Tutor

University of South Alabama

Majors: Biology, Secondary Education

Other Certificates: Teaching Certification: Tennessee

About Me



As educators, I believe that we have an opportunity to not only teach subject matters but also matters of the heart which can help prepare them for the road ahead whether it’s for their academic careers or for this race we all call life.


My background is in Biology. Of all the sciences classes I took, the life sciences such as genetics, anatomy & physiology were my favorites. I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Secondary Education and Master’s Degree in Education. I am a certified teacher in Tennessee.


I have a lot of experience tutoring in small groups or on an individual level. I also have experience teaching in classroom environments. During the 2013-2014 school year I taught at an alternative school which proved to be challenging but I know it helped me grow as a person and as a teacher.


I’m a beach body coach which entails me encouraging other people to live a healthy lifestyle. I help them find fitness programs for their current fitness level, I share tips about routines, recipes, and things about health and nutrition in general.
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