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Trisha N

Science, Geography, Study Skills Tutor

Towson University

Majors: Geography

Other Certificates: Teaching certification: Maryland

About Me



I believe that education is the key to elevating oneself socially, economically and physiologically. Successful learning is associated with self-esteem, opportunities both social and vocational. All children have the right to access education, and with that access comes opportunity for any child, despite background, to advantage themselves and become well-balanced members of our society, and to contribute back to others what was offered them via the opportunity of education.


I majored in biology at Greensboro College just after high school and graduated in 4 years. I then acquired a teaching certificate in biology grades 7-12. After beginning teaching I acquired a Masters degree with a 4.0 GPA. I was given accolades for my independent graduate project.


I have taught middle school science for 3 years and computers and software for 7 years before taking over the computer program for a private school and designing my own program, writing all technical curriculum and material myself. I adhered to state and now core standards in subject matter used to teach technology, such as science, geography, language arts, math and writing.


I played softball for my high school as well for the community team, travel team and local team. I ran cross country in college. I play piano, oboe, clarinet and alto clarinet. I currently volunteer in public schools to assist teachers in classrooms and stay involved when schools needs volunteers or products to be donated.