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Washington Tutors Available

SchoolTutoring Academy offers tutoring programs across all cities in Washington. Please call us at 1-877-545-7737 (PREP) to schedule tutoring with any of our available tutors.

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Auburn, WA

St. Norbert CollegeReligious Studies, Sociology
“All students can be successful if their gifts are recognized and acknowledged.”
Mitchell M. – Science Tutor – Auburn, WA
Oregon State UniversityBiology
“As an educator it is my responsibility to help facilitate my students learning. I build rapport with my students to find out their interests and to drive their academic success.”

Bellingham, WA

Heidi S. – Science/English Tutor – Bellingham, WA
Western Washington UniversityLinguistics
“Education not only provides us with the rudimentary skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in life, it is also an invigorating chance to explore our minds, discover our deepest passions, and find out how we can use our minds and passions to meet a need and better our world.”

Blaine, WA

Washington State UniversityHistory
“Everyone should be given the opportunity to learn and we all need to take steps to learn.”

Camano Island, WA

Mauri Y. – English Tutor – Camano Island, WA
University of KentuckyPsychology
“I believe education allows an individual to achieve goals.”

Cheney, WA

Eastern Washington UniversityEnglish
“I believe that education should be tailored to individual student needs and comfort levels.”

Kirkland, WA

Thomas H. – English/SAT Tutor – Kirkland, WA
University of British ColumbiaHistory
“Learning is not always about improving marks, it is about trying to find practical use for content, and developing strong skills.”

Olympia, WA

Ivor M. – Math/Science/ACT/SAT Tutor – Olympia, WA
Cranfield UniversityLand and Water Management
“Everyone is capable of learning, its how you apply to the student’s own self interests that allows you to truly engage the learner.”

Port Angeles, WA

Oregon State UniversityEnglish, Education
“I believe in the Theory of Multiple Intelligence, meaning that every single individual learns in a personalized manner.”

Richland, WA

Fatema K. – English Tutor – Richland, WA
Western Washington UniversityEnglish
“In order to teach successfully you first need to understand where they are in relation to the material they need to master.”
Perry Technical InstituteInstrumentation
“I believe that all students should succeed, whether in life or in the classroom.”

Seattle, WA

Maureen A. – English Tutor – Seattle, WA
University of CincinnatiEducational Foundation
“My teaching style as an online teacher is one of delegator.”
Peggy S. – Science/SAT Tutor – Seattle, WA
University of WashingtonElementary Education
“I believe that each child is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially.”

Spokane, WA

Washington Governors UniversityChild Development Education
“Most importantly learning should be motivating, inspirational and reciprocal for both the student and the mentor.”
Eugene Bible CollegeCounseling
“I believe that the ability to learn starts when a student feels valued as a person, and that their confidence grows when they feel cared for.”
Matthew K. – Math/ACT/SAT Tutor – Spokane, WA
Pacific Lutheran UniversityB.A., Mathematics
“I like to utilize different teaching styles to accommodate different kinds of students as they learn math.”
Rachel O. – English Tutor – Spokane, WA
University of WashingtonEnglish
“I believe that all students want to learn; as an educator it is my goal to find out what they want to learn, or how they learn, and adjust it to what I know is required of them, and what is practical for their use.”

Sunnyside, WA

State University of New York at AlbanyGreek and Roman Civilization
“I believe in the innate ability of every person to be able to bring their level of knowledge to whatever they choose.”

Tacoma, WA

Linda A. – English/SAT Tutor – Tacoma, WA
University of WashingtonEnglish
“On the first day of each class, I put this word on the board: collaboration. Education is a two-way street; not only do I teach, but the students also teach one another in peer groups.”

Vancouver, WA

Washington State University English
“I believe in student-focused tutoring, where the curriculum is set by the learner’s needs and goals.”

Yakima, WA

Allyson S. – Math/Science/English/ACT Tutor – Yakima, WA
Duquesne UniversityElementary Education
“Ben Franklin once said that to understand and learn you have to be involved.”