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Wendelynn G

English Tutor

Franklin Pierce College

Majors: English

About Me



Education is a lifelong pleasure available to anyone at any age. The opportunities provided by the internet and remote learning gives everyone an opportunity to explore their interests, regardless of their location. As a second-half baby boomer, I’ve seen how useful remote access to education has been for others of my generation in crafting second careers; there truly are no limits in education for life.


I attended college as an adult with a young family; it wasn’t possible for me right out of high school. For me, college as an adult was perfect, I had an entirely different perspective than I would have had at 18. My work experiences and my formal education unlocked a lifelong love of learning that continues today. I received a Bachelor’s Degree in English which has always been a great passion of mine.


I’ve had experience teaching to students in a classroom and in a one-on-one environment. I always enjoy working with students individually as this allows me to focus on each student’s specific weaknesses and work with them to address this.


I’m a freelance content creator, editor, and have been a celebrity ghostwriter for several years. I’m active genealogy research, both for my own family and community members through family history programs in my local library.