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Rachel B

Math Tutor

Monmouth University

Majors: Business

Other Certificates: M.A., Education; Teaching Certification: New Jersey

About Me



I understand that each child comes with a unique background, a variety of interests, and different learning styles. My goal as an educator is to truly get to know each child well and to use this knowledge to guide, support, and motivate him or her to learn. I believe that exceptional teaching requires patience, commitment, and parental involvement. I strive to include all of these elements to be the best teacher I can be to a child.


I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business before pursuing a Master’s Degree in Education. I am currently licensed to teach in the state of New Jersey.


I have been an educator for over the past 15 years. I have had so many wonderful opportunities to work with students at various grade levels as well as teach many different subjects.

My mathematics classroom features a variety of methods of instruction. Class starts with a review called a “do now”. Part of class may include a power point presentation along with practice exercises. Students will complete a daily lab while in a group setting. Sometimes students move around the room to centers with different review problems. Each day I encourage my students to talk about their answers with a partner.


I enjoy exercising, healthy cooking, and learning new things to challenge my mind. I also enjoy reading and spending time with my family. As a family we like to travel and play sports.