Elementary School Tutoring

We Offer Personalized Elementary School Tutoring Programs

Our elementary school tutoring programs are built around successful strategies advocated by trained educators of young learners

SchoolTutoring Academy offers Elementary School programs in reading, writing, math and science that are specially designed for young learners.

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    Interactive Lessons to Engage Young Students

    SchoolTutoring Academy’s Elementary School tutoring programs use interactive lessons to get children engaged and motivated to learn. Many young children learn through play so our lessons combine creative activities with stimulating math games and puzzles, problem-solving, pattern-matching, reading and sentence building exercises. The goal is to develop a young child’s natural curiosities and help them build core skills in math, science and English.

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    Personalized Elementary
    School Tutoring Programs

    SchoolTutoring Academy provides personalized instruction to students anytime, 7 days a week. Our Elementary School tutors will work with your student at his/her own pace, providing continual encouragement and positive reinforcement.

    With an Elementary School tutor from SchoolTutoring Academy, your child will have a customized program that matches his or her abilities. Call 1-877-545-7737 to get started.

    Specially Trained,
    Nurturing Tutors

    Our Elementary School tutoring programs are built around successful strategies advocated by professionally trained educators of young children. And we employ highly trained educators who work exclusively with young learners. All certified SchoolTutoring Academy tutors have extensive teaching experience and are college-trained, many at the graduate-level.. Through continuing technical and professional training, our tutors keep up to date with the latest tools and practices. Learn more about our tutors.

    A Secure Environment for Safe Learning

    We rigorously screen our Elementary School tutors through background checks and verification of credentials. All of our tutors undergo a thorough interviewing and testing process. We regularly review tutoring session recordings to ensure the highest quality of tutoring for your Elementary School-age child.

    We Keep You Informed and Involved

    An integral part of our Elementary School tutoring program is parental involvement. As a SchoolTutoring Academy parent you will receive regular, detailed reports on your child’s progress so you can stay involved in the program.

    Call our Academic Directors at 1-877-545-7737 and put your child on the path to success. An Elementary School tutor from SchoolTutoring Academy can help improve your child’s learning skills and confidence, let us tell you how.

    Elementary Tutoring Programs


    and Kindergarten Tutoring

    Our pre-K and Kindergarten programs are staffed with Early Childhood specialists many with endorsements in learning challenges and disabilities.


    Grade Tutoring

    Our 1st tutoring programs are designed to ensure that your young learner builds confidence in the foundations of 1st grade math and language arts.


    Grade Tutoring

    Our 2nd grade tutoring programs help thousands of 2nd grade students improve their core skills each school year in district-aligned topics including language arts, mathematics and scientific discovery.


    Grade Tutoring

    All 3rd grade tutoring programs are aligned to both the school district curriculum and state/province standards.


    Grade Tutoring

    Learn more about our 4th grade tutoring programs. Our Fourth Grade tutoring programs are staffed with Early Childhood Education specialists, many with additional endorsements or graduate-level academic coursework.


    Grade Tutoring

    Learn more about our 5th grade tutoring programs. Our Grade 5 tutoring programs reinforce the fundamentals of math and language arts using techniques developed by our Early Childhood Education teachers.

    Middle School Tutoring Programs


    Grade Tutoring

    Our 6th grade tutoring programs are staffed with highly-qualified, nurturing educators who help build both student skills and self-confidence.


    Grade Tutoring

    Our 7th grade tutoring programs build and reinforce the fundamentals of math, science and English that students need as they prepare for high school studies.


    Grade Tutoring

    Our 8th grade tutoring programs ensures that students are confident in concepts that they need as they prepare to enter high school.

    Testimonials and Case Studies from Our Parents

    SchoolTutoring Academy regularly receives letters and emails from parents about their experience with our programs. Have a great story or anecdote about your experience with any of SchoolTutoring Academy’s programs? We want to hear about it!

    “As an Early Childhood Educator, my role is to facilitate a student’s exploration and spark that natural curiosity that all children have.”

    Cheryl A. – Early Childhood Tutor


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      Meet Our Tutors

      Meet Some of Our Elementary Education Tutors

      Each of them is highly-qualified K-12 and university educators