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8th Grade Tutoring Programs

SchoolTutoring Academy helps prepare students so that they can achieve success in Grade 8, as well as future high school subjects

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8th Grade Tutoring Programs

District-Aligned Eighth Grade Tutoring Programs

SchoolTutoring Academy provides students with their own personal tutor to improve and enhance their academic experience. Sessions are structured based on the needs of the child. While some students may opt to use their sessions to attempt more challenging problems, others may use their sessions to go over specific concepts that might not have made sense to them the first time they were taught.

As the child’s personal tutor begins to identify the child’s strengths and potential areas of improvement, the sessions will develop and reflect the tutor’s growing knowledge of the academic situation of the student. At the seventh grade level, our certified tutors will focus on the following subjects: Math, English and Science.

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8th Grade Language Arts Tutoring Programs

By the end of the eighth grade, your child should be able to:

  • Analyze the various techniques authors may use in order to effectively communicate with their readers
  • Understand how the presentation of a text can help authors convey meaning
  • Employ various strategies in order to determine the meaning of an unfamiliar word
  • Write various types of texts, such as a poem, short story or report

Our certified tutors can help students become comfortable reading and writing texts of various forms. Students will be introduced to the stylistic differences between poems, short stories and reports and the different strategies we use to analyze these types of literature. Students are also engaged in discussions about the passages they read, which helps them develop their ability to effectively communicate their ideas and opinions in a clear and concise manner.

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(about $25/hour)

8th Grade Math Tutoring Programs

By the end of the year, your child should be able to:

  • Apply order of operations and the distributive property in order to evaluate an expression
  • Use ratios and proportions to solve word problems
  • Determine the volume and surface area of a cylinder
  • Use the Pythagorean Theorem to solve for a missing side of a triangle
  • Determine the general formula of an arithmetic sequence
  • Understand the differences between experimental and theoretical probabilities

SchoolTutoring Academy’s tutors can help students who are struggling in math by going through the types of problems they find most difficult in a methodical manner. They may also provide your child with tricks and strategies when dealing with evaluating an expression or solving word problems. Regardless of your child’s level of ability in math, our tutors can help develop their skills in order to meet the grade 8 expectations.

8th Grade Science Tutoring Programs

By the end of Grade 8, your child should be able to:

  • Identify the different organelles in animal and plant cells
  • Describe the appropriate safety procedures when working with hazardous materials
  • Explain the theory behind osmosis and diffusion
  • Explain how various systems work and their purpose in society

Our certified tutors will encourage your child to investigate and develop hypotheses regarding various scientific concepts. Through the use of many visual aids, your child will develop a better understanding of biological and chemical processes. Since all sessions are one-on-one, your child will also have many opportunities to ask their tutor questions they may be shy to ask in a classroom setting.

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