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7th Grade Tutoring Programs

Our 7th Grade tutoring programs build and reinforce the fundamentals of math, science and English that students need as they prepare for high school studies

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    7th Grade Tutoring Programs

    District-Aligned Seventh Grade Tutoring Programs

    SchoolTutoring Academy provides students with their own personal tutor to improve and enhance their academic experience. Sessions are structured based on the needs of the child. While some students may opt to use their sessions to attempt more challenging problems, others may use their sessions to go over specific concepts that might not have made sense to them the first time they were taught.

    As the child’s personal tutor begins to identify the child’s strengths and potential areas of improvement, the sessions will develop and reflect the tutor’s growing knowledge of the academic situation of the student. At the seventh grade level, our certified tutors will focus on the following subjects: Math, English and Science.

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    7th Grade English Tutoring Program

    By the end of Grade 7, your child should be able to meet the following English requirements:

    • Use speaking skills to communicate effectively with different audiences
    • Read a variety of texts fluently and summarize passages
    • Present their work effectively by using proofreading techniques to correct errors

    7th Grade Language Arts Tutoring Programs

    By the end of the seventh grade, your child should be able to:

    • Adjust their listening behaviour depending on the situation (ex. Working in groups versus listening to someone present)
    • Make connections, comparisons and inferences regarding various texts
    • Understand how literary devices are used to convey meaning
    • Organize their ideas to ensure clarity and flow within a multi-paragraph piece of writing
    • Revise their work independently

    Our certified tutors can help children learn to express themselves by engaging them in discussions about various texts and developing their creative writing abilities by writing a story or poem with the student. Our tutors will both teach your child about the various terminology used in English and complete activities with them to allow them to apply what they’ve learned and become an active participant in the session.

    7th Grade Science Tutoring Program

    By the end of grade 7, your child should be able to:

    • Identify the physical characteristics of matter
    • Describe the Particle Theory and different states and transformations of matter
    • Explain the differences between pure substances and mixtures
    • Explain how heat changes substances and is transferred from one substance to another

    SchoolTutoring Academy’s Grade 7 Science Program allows students to investigate and explore the science behind transformations of state and the properties of matter at their own pace. Students will also feel more comfortable using scientific terminology as they gain more practice using such vocabulary in their sessions.

    7th Grade Math Tutoring Program

    By the end of the seventh grade, your child should be able to:

    Our certified tutors can help students understand the more challenging concepts they learn in grade 7 by helping them develop a more intuitive understanding of the formulas and ideas introduced. Students can continue to practice applying the ideas they’ve learned to extra problems their tutor provides or spend their sessions working on select problems from their homework.

    Our Certified Educators Can Help Your Child Succeed

    Our certified tutors not only help students learn difficult concepts, but also help students develop their confidence. Often, students are knowledgeable on certain topics, but feel shy contributing their ideas. Through sessions with their own personal tutor, students will learn to take pride in their talents and become active participants in both their sessions and in school.

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