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Tutoring for Kids

Interactive and Engaging Lessons to Keep Learning Fun

Our Young Learners program uses highly interactive lessons to keep younger students engaged and motivated

Our kids tutoring programs are aligned with your local school district standards. Our YoungStars tutors are specially trained to work with young learners and keep them engaged and motivated through the tutoring lesson.

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    Engaging Lessons to Keep Students Motivated

    SchoolTutoring Academy’s Young Learner program uses highly interactive lessons to keep younger students engaged and motivated. Our lessons incorporate fun educational activities such as math games, puzzles and creative activities that develop a student’s natural curiosities, hold their interest and help build core skills in math, science and English. Our tutoring programs include help with study skills so your student learns memorization skills, test taking strategies, organizational concepts, etc. We can provide Pre-K and Kindergarten tutors for students just starting out in school and Elementary School tutoring programs in math and reading tailored to your student’s grade level and ability.

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    Our Tutors for Kids Are Specially Trained to Teach Younger Students

    SchoolTutoring Academy tutors are qualified educators with four-year-college Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and are college-trained, many with extensive teaching experience. They undergo a verification of credentials with us, as well as background checks. Also, we employ teachers who have experience in educating children with learning disabilities such as ADD and ADHD. Learn more about our tutors.

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    Our Tutors Are Available When Your Child Needs It

    We make it easy to schedule a tutoring session whenever it is needed. Our programs run 7 days a week. This means your child doesn’t have to wait on a weekly, scheduled tutoring course to get help with their homework or prep for a test now. Our sessions are conducted in the privacy of your home so you don’t have to take time out of your busy day to drive your child to and from a tutoring center. And our tutors are available outside of “normal” tutoring hours to answer questions. We believe, by making tutoring convenient and accessible, that we provide a better service to the students and parents who work with us.

    Parents Can Stay Informed and Be Involved

    When it comes to tutoring for kids, an integral part of any program is parental involvement. At SchoolTutoring Academy, we believe that it is critical to keep parents up-to-date with their child’s progress. Our regular, detailed progress reports allow busy parents to see what the tutor and student are working on in their sessions as well as keep informed of what the tutor plans to cover in future tutoring sessions.

    Safe and Comfortable Tutoring Environment

    SchoolTutoring Academy’s tutoring is done in a nurturing environment that encourages students to ask for additional assistance and work through problems at their own pace. Instead of a classroom full of students, our tutoring for kids is done on a one-on-one basis in your home so your student has a comfort level that only private tutoring can bring. Making sure your student gets the attention they need and focusing on the areas they struggle with provides for a stronger overall tutoring experience.

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