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SchoolTutoring Academy carefully selects tutors who are not only qualified educators, but are also passionate about teaching and helping students gain confidence in their academic abilities and achieve their academic goals.

Meet Our Tutors

Strong Commitment to Tutoring Excellence

SchoolTutoring Academy brings together a strong team of tutors chosen from a large applicant pool by a team of experts in the teaching field. We put a strong emphasis on the teaching skills of our tutors and provide teacher training and mock tutoring sessions to help our tutors continually assess and update their tutoring skills. We continually review tutoring sessions to provide our tutors with feedback so that they can continue to deliver an excellent tutoring experience.

Meet Some of Our Tutors!

SchoolTutoring Academy would like to introduce you to some of our certified tutors and teachers located in communities across North America. Keep in mind that not all of them have submitted online biographies just yet!

Heather H.
Math Tutor

Akosua A.
Chemistry Tutor

Kayven B.
Math/Science Tutor

Thomas T.
English Tutor

Amy B.
ESL Tutor

Julia L.
Early Childhood Tutor

Michelle O.
Calculus Tutor

Jania B.
English Tutor

Rishi K.
Math/Physics Tutor

Jane W.

Kevin L.
Social Studies Tutor

Ken B.
Math/Statistics Tutor

Samuel T.
Math/Chemistry Tutor

Wesley K.
Math/Science Tutor

Alex D.
Math/Physics Tutor

Daniel C.
Algebra/Math Tutor

Nathan A.
Math/Physics Tutor

Carmen P.
Spanish Tutor

Ashley B.
Language Arts Tutor

Samuel S.
English Tutor

Edmond P.
Math/Chemistry Tutor

Harold G.
Math/Physics Tutor

Troy G.
Math/Physics Tutor

Jeanette P.
Early Childhood Tutor

Carol K.
Children’s English Tutor

Christian Y.
Math/English Tutor

Alex S.
Math/SAT Tutor

Davis H.
English Tutor

Shea Y.
English Tutor

Mary A.
Math/English Tutor

Daniel H.
English Tutor

Roger G.
Algebra Tutor

Heather M.
Math/English Tutor

Sarah J.
Math/Science Tutor

Owen M.
Math/French Tutor

Grant H.
Physics/Chemistry Tutor

Massimo T.
Math/Science Tutor

David S.
English/French Tutor

Tammy G.
Math/English Tutor

Wasi P.
Math Tutor

Additional Biographies…