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Carol K

Math, English, ACT, SAT Tutor

West Florida University

Majors: MAED in Teacher Leadership

Minors: BA in Special Education

About Me



I am a motivator. I take my role as a teacher/tutor seriously because I know I am teaching the future. Many of my students have only seen failure and I am committed to showing them success. Failure is not an option. I do not teach for tests but for skills that each of my students needs to be successful. My ultimate high is when a student has turned on the light bulb to understanding.


I received by BA in Special Education from West Florida University in Pensacola and my MAED in Teacher Leadership from the University of Phoenix. Yes, I am a Phoenix!


I have been a tutor/teacher for over 25 years. I received my BA in Special Education from West Florida University and my MAED in Teacher Leadership from University of Phoenix. I have taught both in classrooms for grades 3 -12 and online for grades K – adult. My area of expertise is in math and reading, language arts in elementary education through middle school and writing for all grade levels. I also tutor for the reading section of the SAT and ACT. My focus is tutoring students who have not seen success anywhere else.


I have six children and stepchildren whom I love dearly. I have eleven grandchildren that are very special to me. I love to read and write children stories or articles. I train horses to be respectful animals in a natural horsemanship-training program. I play with my dogs, cats, birds and I love watching my goldfish. When I want some quiet time, I take a horseback ride in the woods.