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Nathan A

Math, Science, English, ACT Tutor

University of Waterloo

Majors: Bachelor of Mathematics in Computer Science

Minors: Economics including Econometrics and Statistics

About Me



I offer students tutoring in the following subjects: Algebra I, Algebra II, Calculus, Trig, Physics, and SAT/ACT Prep. I am also able to offer tutoring in English and social studies. While my focus is math and physics, I have often helped students on English and social studies. Some of my students have continued working with me even after they went off to university. Some of my students are currently attending Harvard University, Stanford University, and Duke University.


I graduated with my undergraduate in Mathematics, Economics and Computer Science from the University of Waterloo. I also hold a Masters from the University of Washington and an MBA from Duke University. I have consistently graduated near the top of my graduating class in each degree I have earned. I have also completed both the GRE and GMAT and achieved in the 99th percentile in both.


I have tutored throughout high school, college and through university. Additionally, I’ve been a TA for a number of undergraduate courses.


I believe that students really connect with the material when I find connections with their hobbies, activities and other things they are passionate about. I often try to spend part of our first tutoring session together really getting to know the student so I can tailor my lessons to their interests.

I enjoy being outside and spending time with my wife. I was a former Varsity Squash player so keeping physically fit and active are important to me. I also enjoy hiking, biking and running to make sure that both my body and mind remain healthy.