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Rishi K

Math, Science, Languages, SAT Tutor

University of Toronto

Majors: Energy, Environment, Solid Mechanics and Design

Minors: Sustainability Energy

About Me



I believe students learn best when they can relate difficult concepts to something they are much more comfortable with. This is a proven method known as associative learning. The student not only remembers the concepts but feels at ease when tackling other problems for building a strong foundation.

I also do believe in ‘practice makes perfect’ and when dealing with subjects such as mathematics, physics and chemistry, there needs to be practice along with understanding in order to never forget these concepts. As a teacher, i believe in patience, persistence and passion.


I have an undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto in Mechanical Engineering, majoring in Energy, Environment, Solid Mechanics and Design with a minor in Sustainability Energy.

Since graduation, I have worked as a technical business analyst for a company called SOTI inc. Now I am self employed, starting my own eco product business but am very passionate about teaching. This is the best way to keep up my passion while still trying to do my best at owning my own business.


I have experience previously tutoring physics and chemistry to Grade 10-12 students. I am also an experienced seminar leader for the Sustainable Engineers association, where I teach first year university students about the important topic of sustainability using physics and biology principles.

I am very passionate about teaching and helping students learn difficult concepts so that they can reach their true potential. I have achieved highest distinctions in my Cambridge Advanced Level examinations in the following subjects – math, physics, chemistry and general paper (thesis writing).


During my spare time, I love to develop my own video games, play ultimate Frisbee and, soccer and also developing the Sustainable Engineers association as an executive member.