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SchoolTutoring Academy offers language instruction in French and Spanish at all levels. We also offer instruction in math and science using the French or Spanish language.

Language Instruction

French and Spanish Language Programs That Emphasize Fundamentals

In an increasingly global economy, strong communication skills can prove to be a significant asset to students. Children can gain additional benefits from early language instruction including improved problem-solving skills and academic performance.

SchoolTutoring Academy’s approach builds effective language reading and writing skills through interactive tutor-student activities. Our tutors focus on both the fundamentals such as grammar, reading, writing, spelling, as well as more advanced concepts such as accent and pronunciation.

Language Programs For Young Learners

SchoolTutoring Academy offers expert language instruction in all areas of the school curriculum including math, science, social studies, and even ESL. Our tutors focus on both the fundamentals such as grammar, reading, writing, spelling, as well as, more advanced concepts such as accent and pronunciation.

Experienced Language Tutors Make the Difference

Our French and Spanish tutors are all fluent in their respective language of expertise, as well as highly trained by SchoolTutoring Academy staff. Our tutors are able to pinpoint specific areas where a student may have trouble and develop customized lessons according to their academic needs.


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Meet Some of Our Languages Tutors

City University of New York, Graduate School & Univ. CenterGenerative Linguistics
“I want all kids to be winners and end the lesson with a smile.”
The College of Wooster (Wooster, Ohio)Linguistics and Language Learning (French, German, and Russian languages)
“I believe that anyone can learn a new subject if they are committed to it and have the right resources.”
University of North FloridaEnglish
“As the student ages into an adolescent and eventually adult, the instructor must facilitate the student’s ability to contribute not only to academic pursuits but also society as a whole.”
University of California, BerkeleyEnglish Literature
“I believe that in teaching, the instructor must have a truly genuine interest in her student’s success.”
Texas Wesleyan UniversityBilingual Education
“Learners need strong motivation and a dedicated facilitator to provide them with support.”
University of TorontoEnglish
“Students learn by doing, and by making mistakes.”

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