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SchoolTutoring Academy offers individualized math tutoring programs to help students build a strong math foundation and gain confidence in their numerical and analytical abilities.

Math Tutoring Programs

Individualized Math Tutoring Programs

At SchoolTutoring Academy, our math tutors like to think of Math as more than a bunch of rules and formulae to be memorized and evaluated. Math relates to things we see, hear and do every day in the real world. Our tutoring programs aim to help students make connections between abstract mathematical concepts and events they encounter everyday. Our private tutors will explain core math concepts to your child in a supportive learning environment.

Finding a math tutor for your child can put them on the path to academic success. Call our Academic Directors today at 1-877-545-7737 to get started.


Our Approach to Math Builds Confidence

Over the years, our tutors have found that when a child understands how math applies to their lives, they learn to appreciate and often begin to enjoy thinking through problems, looking for patterns, recognizing connections and reasoning logically to come up with solutions. Our math tutors expertly guide all our students through the process of learning so they gain confidence in being able to tackle similar problems on their own.

Making Investment in Local Communities

We partner with non-profits to improve math education.
SchoolTutoring Sponsors Mathworks’ Non-Profit Program To Help Students In Math

Curriculum Aligned to District Standards

Our Math tutoring curriculum is closely aligned with the Principles and Standards for School Math developed by the National Council of Teachers of Math. SchoolTutoring Academy tutors have extensive teaching experience across all areas of the Math curricula.

Our Math Tutoring Includes:

  • Elementary School Math: Fundamentals of math including counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The concept of decimals and fractions are introduced. Word problems involving geometric shapes help build problem solving skills.
  • Middle and Junior High School Math: Complete tutoring programs for courses in Pre-Algebra, Geometry and Probability are offered.
  • High School Math: Tailored tutoring programs covering Algebra I, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Geometry, and Probability and Statistics are offered. We also offer foundational skills-building programs to help students who need to develop a more solid math skillset
Learn how a math tutor from SchoolTutoring Academy can help your child improve their skills and confidence and give them the tools to succeed. Call our Academic Directors at 1-877-545-7737 to discuss your child’s math strengths and areas for improvement today.

Young Learners

Meet Some of Our Math Tutors

Duquesne UniversityElementary Education
“Ben Franklin once said that to understand and learn you have to be involved.”
University of North CarolinaMathematics
“I personally believe that the reason most students struggle in school is not solely due to a lack of information.”
McGill UniversityBachelor of Education – Secondary English and Geography
“My educational philosophy is that all children have a willingness to learn but every child has their own unique way of learning.”
University of California, San Diego (UCSD), La Jolla, CAEconomics
“I am of the opinion that the primary determinant of academic performance is motivation—motivation which can be easier to come by when students have the opportunity to interact with course material in ways that go beyond narrowly focused attempts to obtain certain marks.”
Ben M. – Math/ACT/SAT Tutor – Alexandria, MN
University of ArizonaMathematics
“In order to become a successful educator, you need to possess three key elements: subject knowledge, communication of that subject knowledge, and patience.”
University of WaterlooApplied Mathematics and Computer Science
“I find that each student has a preferred learning style and, by working to their strengths, I can help them learn best.”

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