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Alberta Tutors Available

SchoolTutoring Academy offers tutoring programs across all cities in Alberta. Please call us at 1-877-545-7737 (PREP) to schedule tutoring with any of our available tutors.

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Airdrie, AB

Ross C. – English Tutor – Airdrie, AB
University of AlbertaEnglish and Drama
“The best teaching comes from students discovering how to learn.”
Ross C. – English Tutor – Airdrie, AB
University of AlbertaEnglish, Drama
“Students learn best when teachers are dedicated, multi-talented and passionate about their subjects.”

Beaumont, AB

University of Western OntarioAnthropology
“I believe that each child has the potential to learn the material however it may be done in a variety of ways.”

Blackfalds, AB

Melissa W. – Science Tutor – Blackfalds, AB
British Columbia Institute of TechnologyChemistry
“I believe every student is creative and unique in there own way, and seeking answers by means of education leads to growth and understanding.”

Calgary, AB

Amala J. – Math/Science/English/ACT Tutor – Calgary, AB
University of QuebecPhysics, Chemistry, Biology
“I am a person who is passionate in sharing my knowledge and experiences for my students.”
Angela V. – Languages Tutor – Calgary, AB
McGill UniveristyEducational Leadership
“earning profiles give insight as to how a student learns best, which allows the student and his/ her educators to maximize learning experiences.”
Christy Z. – Math/Science Tutor – Calgary, AB
Simon Fraser University Statistics
“The combination of statistics and computing science gives me a diverse knowledge in applied science.”
David K. – Math Tutor – Calgary, AB
Univ. of Illinois at ChicagoMathematics
“I like to watch the personal growth that comes with learning mathematics.”
Dinesh B. – Math/Science Tutor – Calgary, AB
University of WaterlooBachelor Degree of Science in Chemistry
“I have been teaching/tutoring for 10 years and I find that being able to explain abstract concepts into practical ideas is the key for absorbing material.”
Flor A. – Math/English/Languages Tutor – Calgary, AB
Universidad Central de VenezuelaSecondary Education
“I am flexible on adapting to different learning styles, focusing on students’ capabilities rather than concentrating on limitations.”
Simon Fraser UniversityEnglish; Education
“That all students have different needs that should be met in the classroom.”
McGill UniversityBachelor of Education – Secondary English and Geography
“My educational philosophy is that all children have a willingness to learn but every child has their own unique way of learning.”
Melissa R. – Science/English/ACT Tutor – Calgary, AB
Saint Francis Xavier UniversityPsychology, Biology
“Everyone has the ability to learn.”
Oswaldo M. – Math Tutor – Calgary, AB
Universidad Simon Bolivar, VenezuelaMathematics
“I am committed to a constructionist approach of learning and am flexible in adapting to different learning styles.”
Sana W. – Math/Science/English Tutor – Calgary, AB
University of TorontoBiology
“I believe in fostering the emotional, mental, and intellectual growth of all my students and help them become knowledgeable and smart citizens of today’s world and tomorrow’s.”
Sandra B. – English Tutor – Calgary, AB
Mount Royal UniversityCommunications
“Students need to be heard and treated with respect.”
Stephanie T. – Math/Science Tutor – Calgary, AB
University of CalgaryBiological Science
“I believe that how one is exposed to different educational topics can have a huge impact on whether or not they enjoy learning about them.”
University of TorontoTheatre
“Although it should be established that the teacher is in the position of responsibility, the teacher and the student should work together to create a thriving didactic environment.”
Ottawa UniversityVisual Arts
“Each student is unique and their learning style is also.”

Camrose, AB

Kathie B. – Math/Science/ACT/SAT Tutor – Camrose, AB
Queen’s UniversityDevelopmental Psychology
“I believe that every individual has their own learning style, and that part of being a good educator is acknowledging, accepting, and gearing instruction to fit that style to encourage success.”

Cold Lake, AB

University of AlbertaElementary Education
“ALL Students have the ability and innate desire to learn.”

Edmonton, AB

Alexander S. – English/SAT Tutor – Edmonton, AB
University of AlbertaEnglish
“I believe that a truly transformative education is one in which students realize that actions have real consequences in the world; historically, in their own lives, and for the future.
University of CalgaryHistory of Art
“I believe that we must give a part of ourselves to our students.”
Ibukun D. – Math Tutor – Edmonton, AB
University of OttawaMathematics
“Every student is capable of learning.”
University of AlbertaBiological Science
“Everyone has the capability and capacity to learn, if only given the opportunity and proper guidance.”