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Jennifer R

Math, Science, English Tutor

Simon Fraser University

Majors: English; Education

Minors: Philosophy; International Education

About Me



That all students have different needs that should be met in the classroom. Also to create a classroom environment that honours all students individual experiences. I believe in diversified instruction and working as a facilitator by creating hands on activities for students. I also believe that all students may have individual methods to come to the same solutions, (eg. math) and to assist them in finding the methods that work the best for each of them.

I believe in fostering a caring and nurturing environment without judgement and that as a teacher my relationship with my students is reciprocal. I learn from my students as they learn from me.


I went to university where I completed two Bachelors, My first one was a Bachelor of Arts (major in English and minor in Philosophy), and the second of was a Bachelor of Education (major in Education and minor in International Education). Afterwards, I received my Teaching English as a Second Language certificate from Victoria Training Centre.


I have experience teaching in my two teaching practicums. My First one teaching ESL in to grade 1, 4 and adult students. The second experience was teaching full time to a grade 6/7 split classroom. I taught all subjects except for science.


I am a musician, and also enjoy silversmithing, hiking and working with animals. I love going on long walks, learning to work on new art projects with my hands, and salsa dancing.