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Tobla H

Math, Science, Languages, ACT Tutor

Ottawa University

Majors: Visual Arts

Other Certificates: M.A., Business Administration

About Me



Each student is unique and their learning style is also. My creative abilities allow me to be flexible for the student. I feel it is my job to adapt to the way the students learns best rather than the other way around. This is why tutoring is the best way to learn, and the most gratifying teaching experience.I believe in teaching confidence, in showing the student their best way to learn so that they can take control of their learning process in that subject, overall, and for the future.


I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts as well as an Master’s Degree in Business Administration. I like to think of my background as a Ying and Yang education, well rounded!


I have been teaching children art for many many years in arts centers. I have also taught Science. Despite what many people may believe, they have a lot in common!


I adore making pottery in my studio. For balance and to avoid spending too much time in the studio, I also jog. I have cleats on my runners so that I can run in the winter, which is very long here in Alberta.