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Jason H

Math, Science, ACT, Elementary Education Tutor

University of Alberta

Majors: Biological Science

Minors: Chemistry

About Me



Everyone has the capability and capacity to learn, if only given the opportunity and proper guidance. Children and teenagers have amazing minds, as they are in the stage of development where the neural connections of their brains are in a state of constant flux. These are crucial years for them to develop intellectual capabilities.

That being said, people learn differently; some faster, others slower, some logical thinkers, others holistic thinkers. Nevertheless, each person should receive enough attention and guidance to learn how “their own brain” works, and how they learn best. As one of my instructors once said, “different strokes for different folks.”


I have always been able to excel at school. I’ve been an Honor student since elementary – throughout university. In 2013, I received my Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Biological Science with a minor in Chemistry. I am currently enrolled at the University of Alberta in the Medical Laboratory Science program with a current GPA of 3.7.


In university, people began asking me for help in some of the courses I had taken and got an A. I started out tutoring close friends and making study guides for them focusing on important concepts. I’ve been able to help people boost their grades and even exceed their own expectations on exams. The feeling of helping others succeed is very satisfying and rewarding for myself.


I like to do various physical activities to stay healthy. Last year I played volleyball with Edmonton Sport and Social Club (ESSC). Other activities I do include working out, tennis, snowboarding, and swimming.