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SchoolTutoring Academy offers tutoring programs across all cities in Alberta. Please call us at 1-877-545-7737 (PREP) to schedule tutoring with any of our available tutors.

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Medicine Hat, AB

University of SaskatchewanSocial Studies
“Student centered learning means working with the student to decide specifically what they need to know or want they want to learn.”

Red Deer, AB

University of AlbertaImmunology and Infection
“Learning comes to students more easily when the teacher can engage them and trigger interest in the subject being taught.”
Tina M. – English Tutor – Red Deer, AB
University of CalgaryEnglish
“The optimal teaching environment is that in which student and teacher learn from one another.”

Sherwood Park, AB

Janet B. – English Tutor – Sherwood Park, AB
Calvin CollegeElementary Education
“I see my responsibility as an educator to engage students in learning in such a way that they celebrate what they learn and enter into it reflectivey so that they are always wanting more.”
Tamar T. – English Tutor – Sherwood Park, AB
University of VictoriaPolitical Science
“I strongly believe that learners should be active participants in guiding their own learning.”
Tom D. – Math Tutor – Sherwood Park, AB
University of CalgaryBachelor’s Degree in Education
“The learning we do should encourage continued learning.”

Spruce Grove, AB

Melissa I. – Math Tutor – Spruce Grove, AB
Carleton UniversityGeography, Education
“I believe every student is a unique individual who can be motivated, engaged, and expand their academic learning in a stimulating atmosphere.”

St. Albert, AB

University of AlbertaEnglish
“Every student has different methods at which they learn best.”
Karen C. – English Tutor – St. Albert, AB
University of AlbertaSocial Studies
“As an educator, the foundational framework of my teaching philosophy is based upon a student centered, constructivist, and inquiry based approach to learning.”

Strathmore, AB

University of CalgaryEducation, Zoology
“I am committed to engaging, enriching and empowering all learners through meaningful and challenging experiences that prepare them to understand, adapt and successfully contribute to our changing global community.”

Sylvan Lake, AB

University of AlbertaElementary Education
“The classroom is a safe haven to engage in new opportunities, let creativity flourish, and partake in meaningful and unique experiences.”