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Jennifer D

English, Elementary Education, Homework Help, Study Skills Tutor

University of Alberta

Majors: Elementary Education

Minors: Educational Psychology

Other Certificates: Teaching Certification: Alberta

About Me



I believe that all children have the right to an education. All children are unique and deserve to learn in a setting that is safe, caring, stimulating and emotionally and intellectually engaging. An educator plays a key role in (A) making sure that students feel safe taking risks in the learning environment (B) allowing children’s curiosity to direct his/her learning and (C) promoting respect for all things and all people. The classroom is a safe haven to engage in new opportunities, let creativity flourish, and partake in meaningful and unique experiences.


I have a four year Bachelor of Education degree in Elementary Education. I graduated with honors and worked very hard to obtain my degree. I have taken classes in psychology, counseling, sociology and anthropology- courses that have all helped to develop my being as a successful educator. I was able to complete many group based projects in university which helped expand my mind and increase and foster my confidence.


I have taught grades kindergarten through grades 6. My best years of teaching were when I was teaching grades 7-9 English Language Arts, reading and writing. I have also spent some time tutoring students to help them succeed academically.


I love reading, hiking, running, playing with my own two children, baking and cooking. I am a real home body and enjoy dancing with my children, and developing games and fun experiences for them. I especially enjoy spending time with friends and family.